zara haul.


Hey guys! :)
One of the big advantages of summer, besides the marvellous weather and the tons of ice cream you can eat during the day- is the big summer sale in almost every shop in town! A few days ago I decided to make a quick stop at Zara after university to check out the sales mix. Of course, this "quick stop" turned into a one and a half hour visit, but in the end I got some really great stuff that I've been longing for quite a while now. The first thing I bought was this boho-chic-hairband which I just love! I'm definitely going to combine it with a long black skirt and a basic white sleeveles V-neck T-shirt and maybe a red lipstick or something.. :)

The second thing I bought- (and that's the one I've been longing for over half a year now) is this earth coloured or pink-ish looking Blazer which I just ♥ ❤ ♥!

I actually fell so much in love with it when I saw Mary Kate Olsen wearing a pretty similar one at a presentation of MK&A's fashion line Olsenboye in New York City! Even though I'm more fond of Ashley's style and Esther is the one who prefers the way Mary Kate dresses, I still found this look really appealing and I knew I had to have it. So now that it was reduced I figured, ... why not? :)

Here's a link to the video of her wearing the Blazer- sadly you can only watch it via Youtube, not on this blog!

I also got myself those fantastic sporty and comfy black pants, which, as I just realized, are pretty similar to the ones MK is wearing as well.. But that is not why I bought them. :) I actually consider it a miracle if I can fit into a pair of pants that I actually like, so you can guess how happy I was that the size M fit me perfectly! :)

Last but not least, I got myself those really nerdy glasses, I've also been thinking about buying for quite a long time now. I took it as a sign that after having been reduced twice they were still lying around in the shop and nobody else seemed to want them.. So I seized the opportunity. They are actually just an accessory and UV-sensitive, but I'm thinking about turning them into my new reading glasses! I've been looking for a cute spectacle frame for quite a long time now- but this is the one, I know it! :)

Also, yesterday we were celebrating Simone's birthday - and by "we" I mean me, Esther and our friends Lisa, Lisa, Nina and Julia. Julia has actually missed quite a few birthday parties since she's frequently been spending a lot of time abroad working or studying. Here you can see the - at the time not finished - birthday basket for Simone!

Also, I felt the strong urge again to show you what I had to eat yesterday.

We had salmon on asparagus with parmesan and potatoes with cucumbers (which were not served as a salad but warm,- freshly out of the pan! Yumm!!!!

Before I got ready for the birthday party, I received an overly excited call from Lisa who just installed Skype on her mobile phone and tried her new App out on me. Of course I then had to install it too and we kept talking for quite a while, constantly pointing out the genius that is technology and how crazy it is to talk to one another without actually "calling" each other! :) Yeah, we're freaks, I know...

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