it's a working progress.


Yesterday I was bored and as I was gazing over my room, I asked myself: »What would my bed look like in the middle of my room?«. No sooner said than done. I actually quite liked the look of it. That was when my dad came upstairs into my room and was pretty shocked, to say the least because he discovered little holes in my wall (I used to be an avid poster-hanger and when I took them down, the wall came off). So he very much disliked the idea to reorganize my room - because then all the well-hidden holes would show. I, however, disagreed and we had a very long and not so calm discussion about it. After a long time of arguing we decided to paint my room. That way we both would be satisfied. There wouldn't be any holes, and I could rearrange my furniture.

So that's what we did today. Paint my room. And it only took two hours!

That's how it looks like now. I'm very excited to reorganise on Sunday (tomorrow I am going hiking with my grandmother).

Now I really have to go because I'm invited to my room-mate's birthday party and if I am late, all of my friends are going to be late (because I am driving).

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