mission ombré.


As Esther has already told you in her last post, she dyed her hair. For the first time ever. EVER. I didn't even know that 'till 5 minutes before we started our mission "ombré", so I got even more nervous than I already was anyway. I mean, I've already dyed some of my friends' hair in the past, however, in this case, it was Esther's first time and I didn't want to dissapoint her. Since she and I have pretty similar taste when it comes to fashion and hairstyles, -and I particularly share her love for the ombré-style- I wanted her new hair colour to look perfect! So before we started the process of our mission ombré I first had to take in a few (and by few I mean 4) of Esther's chocolate chip cookies to calm my nerves. 

After that I decided to pull myself together and just get it over with!


As you can see, the L'OREAL WILD OMBRES kit looks just like a normal hair-dying kit, with the small exception of an additional lightener-powder.

After we had followed the steps on the back of the package I started applying the substance on Esther's hair. 

We didn't leave the colour in for too long, since I didn't want her to get the same hair like the weird-looking lady on the package. So instead of a maximum of 45 minutes, we only left it in for 25-30. 


Even though we were already quite satisfied with the first result while Esther still had wet hair, we were awaiting the ultimate end result with great suspense.. 

So after drying her hair with a towel, Esther then proceeded to the blow drying part. 

In our case, we both really do enjoy Esther's new ombré look! Even though I wanted to style her hair a little bit afterwards, she rightly discouraged me from doing that, since you really should give your hair a little time to relax and not confront it with too much heat right away.

I am sooo glad that she really loves her new hair, 'cause I do too! I think ombré looks fantastic on her and I would definitely recommend the L'OREAL OMBRE KIT to all of you who struggle with the decision of finally getting that fantastic ombré hairstyle. 
Just do it! :)


  1. wow it's stunning! and it seems really easy to do. I'm currently hesitating if i do or not an ombré + i don't know if i do it by myself or if i go to the hairdresser. This kit seems great. SO yeah i guess if i finally do an ombré i'll buy this kit.
    I just found your blog thanks to tumblr and i'm already lovin it
    Marie xx

  2. Oh thank you Marie, it really is! We're sure you can do it as well. And we're very happy that you enjoy our blog! :) E&V