a piece of cake.


Like we've already told you, on Friday we were at our friend's birthday party. Now, when you hear the word »party« I'm sure a lot of you think of going out, drinking and dancing. That is, however, not the way we celebrate - au contraire! We always stay in, reminisce about former times (we all went to the same school and some of us know each other since kindergarten), eat a lot and afterwards sit immovable on the floor, stroke our bellies and solemnly swear never to eat as much ever again - only to reach for some crisps a couple of minutes later. This birthday party was no different. We had a lovely time gossiping and eating. Simone (the birthday girl) ordered food from a local »Mostheurigen« (must tavern), made the best feta-spread in the history of mankind and baked a delicious cake with chocolate-peanutbutter frosting. Some of us drank cocoa and barbecued some marshmallows over a candle.


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