flowers, presents and a cube.


Good morning, to 'yall! :) It's going to be a wonderful day, I can just feel it! Even though today's Saturday, I got up really early this morning - 6:50am - that's like a new record for me. Since I usually don't eat breakfast (-Esther could crucify me for that) I only had a cup of coffee while watching the beautiful sunrise from our garden. I was surprised to notice that it already was quite warm outside, which was really nice.
Later I went back up to my room and listened to "Radio Popolare Milano" - an Italian radio station I like to listen to every morning, because it really gets me in travel mood. I especially love those cute, funny songs of which I don't understand a single word, -but hey- who cares? :) I do however think that it's a good way of practicing my already excisting Italian skills that I had aquired months ago at a language course at university. 

Another thing I already love about this day is the fact that I woke up to the smell of my favourite flowers this morning, lilies, which my boyfriend got me yesterday. I guess, in America, people aren't exactly fond of these flowers since lilies are a typical gift at funerals, aren't they? However, I really do love them. They smell so great and have a delicate yet graceful appearance.
Yesterday,- and that one makes me really happy, there was something in the mail for us. A wedding invitation from my sister Conny and Clemens, her husband-to-be! I am not trying to act surprised now, since I designed the invitations, and of course we all already knew when and where they were getting married. :) However, we were of course very excited when we held the actual invitation in our hands. 

I want to point out that I only redesigned this invitation, since there already is a similar design of another card I found on Pinterest. However, Conny immediately fell in love with the layout, so I did my best to create the card in the same style. 

Also yesterday, we celebrated my boyfriend's birthday. I got a him a huge box of sweets from England and America (again I'll say- if you live in Vienna- go to Bobby's Foodstore, it's fantastic), some useful travel items he can take with him while he's attending a language course in London in a few weeks and Oreo cupcakes (his favourite) -which of course only Esther can bake - (so thanks again Esthi) :).

As you can see, I personalized them a little bit by putting in some shashlik sticks that I cut in half, which carry the faces of people/animals/plushy friends in Michael's life that he likes or that touched his life somehow.

This is me, for example, and Mike's cat Minki (I hate her, by the way, 'cause she's like my biggest enemy, but that's a whole 'nother story).

Awww..- and that's my oldest, cutest, sweetest and dearest cuddly friend - Pezi. Mike loves Pezi. And so do I. :)

And that one I also love - it's Mike's mum when she was still in school, I just think it's such a cute picture.

Everyone I showed my creation to was totally impressed with the idea, even though it's not that original and sooo easy to do! :) 

All you need is:
1) Shashlik sticks or toothpicks
2) The pictures you want to put on the sticks (I already gave them a circular form using Photoshop)
3) Scotch tape and scissors

That's it. :)

Another thing that's been going on at our house lately is the construction of an additional living space to extend our dining room. My mother has been dreaming of this occasion since .. like .. forever, but officially, ..for 2 years. And now it's finally happening. After two weeks of construction work the 'black cube' (that's what my mom calls it) is now almost finished. Next week I'll post "Before-After" pics if you're interested. But here's already a little preview: 

Here you can see my dad observing the construction site ... 

 .. here you can see the how the glass windows made their way to the cube ..

.. mom and dad discussing ..

.. this is a picture I took while looking into our water barrel. It looks kind of abstract, which I really like, since there's a ton of pollen swimming in it. And in a few days there'll be a million mosquito larvas in there as well.. yaaaay..

.. and now guys, please look at that - (I was actually laughing so hard yesterday when I realized it) - doesn't that construction worker look exactly like John Lennon? 

Well, maybe not exactly.. but just a little..? Seriously, look at that--

... haha, I can literally see Esther and a hundred other Beatles-Fans jump up and down on their beds right now screaming "..- are you insane, how can you compare that guy to John?-.." Well, I think so! :) 

To now quote my father - who just popped his head into my room - "..if you wanna photograph something really beautiful then go outside to our garden pond and take a picture of our sea roses..!" ".. In 'Monet'- style" he wittily added and therefore tried to activate my art history sensors. Of course I followed his instructions immediately. I was actually surprised though that he didn't lovingly call me "Kellerassel" as well (translation: pill bug), like he always does. Of course I didn't get that nickname because I look like one, but because I act like one,- since I sometimes choose to sit in front of the TV or computer inside rather than enjoy the marvelous weather outside

.. so I went to our pond ..

.. and here it is - a picture of one of our million sea roses. Dedicated to you, dad! :) ..

I actually started writing this blogpost at around 8am, and every 30 minutes I add something new .. So actually the first sentence which says "good morning" doesn't quite add up anymore. Sorry guys, if I am boring you,- but I promise - I am almost done. :) Now it is about 2pm in the afternoon and so far, I've only taken pictures and eaten. That's it. I should however try on some outfits now,-for tonight, since I am going to the casino! So I'll just quickly finish this looooong blogpost up by showing you some pics of our garden and lunch. 

I wish you guys a lovely weekend! :)

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