the evening stroll.


Good evening everybody! :) I really must say, I had a fantastic weekend. On Saturday I was at the casino where I didn't just gamble all my money away (and by 'all' I mean 20 euros), I also enjoyed a superb dinner there before we went to the actual casino-part. As you may know, Esther celebrated her dad's birthday on Sunday (and I really have to say, I just love the pictures she has taken of the 'Looshaus'). I totally understand that she was dissapointed that there are no real food-options for vegetarians there, however, I guess, we both -and also hundreds of other Austrians- really enjoy the view of Semmering and Rax mountains  while you're sitting on the terrace and enjoying the nice summer weather. Well, but back to my weekend. I would first like to start with showing you some pictures I took while taking an evening stroll in Esther and my hometown on Sunday. Since I had eaten tons of icecream that day, I felt like I had to get at least some "exercise".. So I did .. 

 First I went to the river near our house and just sat there for a few minutes..

 I don't know why, but the sound of water really calms me down..

Then I went on to the park nearby- well I guess you can't really call it a park- let's say to the small meadow aside with trees and bushes on it. 

After I had arrived there, I thought- why not go a little further than that? So I went to the outer part of the city center.

This picture up there I really love. It's a nice motive I think,- these decayed yet very beautiful buildings once were famous shops I guess, back in the old times when my Grandma was still a young girl. 

This I found really cool- while looking up to the sky I noticed this strange tree-formation on a small mountain bordering our town. Fascinating, isn't it? :)

After I reached the end of the street I again thought to myself.. why not go a little further than that? So I passed the footbridge over the train rails. - At this point my evening stroll reminded me of this Forrest Gump Scene where Forrest starts running and also says to himself "...And I figured since I run this far, maybe I'd just run across the great state of Alabama.." Haha, yeah, that's what it felt like. :)

It was two hours later when I finally looked at my watch for the first time and realized that I had been out for a while now! But I didn't want to go home quite yet. So I went on further and ten minutes later arrived at Esther's house. I guess, she thought I was drunk when she read my SMS: "Haha. I'm standing right in front of your house". And she was like "What? Why?" and I said "I just wanted to go for a walk". So I made a short stop at her entrance door and took back our storage box I accidently gave back to her along with the box where she put my boyfriend's cupcakes in. :)

For the record, Esther is not crying that I'm taking back the box, she's just trying to hide her face from my camera's evil lense.

Her sister, however, wasn't as fast enough to run away from my cam, so I took a pic of her fancy pink running shoes.
After that, believe it or not guys, I actually went home. 

Oh, and before I forget- here's a little sneak-peek of my four-course dinner at the casino! 

Starters: Salmon Maki with horseradish and mayonnaise, soy sauce and caviar
Soup: Asparagus cream soup - (and believe you me- that was the most delicious soup I have ever eaten in my entire life)
Main course: Beef with mushrooms and potato-leek puree
Dessert: Lemon crème brûlée with strawberry Daiquiri sorbet in mango sauce (sorry guys, forgot to take a picture of that one)

We sat outside and had a wonderful view on the park right next to the casino.

And here's my outfit of the night- 

I wore a black F21 dress split to the thigh and a short H&M blazer with silver details- I got that one a few days ago on sale!

I really liked it! :)

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