father's day.


On Sunday it was Father's Day in Austria and my father always demands us to forget about it, because he thinks such events to be extremely unnessecary. My sister and I think so too, but as usual we ignored his resentment against this day and got him presents. Mostly we ignore it because we want to eat cake and Father's Day is a welcome excuse for me to bake one.

Ever since I got home I have been stalking Schneewittchen and have taken countless pictures of her. She's just too adorable when she's all knocked out because of the heat and taking a nap.

We got my dad a »Working Class Hero« shirt from H&M because he loves John Lennon and has mentioned those lyrics some time ago. 

I made him his favourite: a simple strawberry cake. It was surprisingly moist, which tempted my sister and me to quote Miranda and yell »Oh good Lord, that's moist« for a couple of minutes.

After that we continued to quote some of Miranda's favourite words. We love Miranda. Almost every time we see each other, we like to slip words like »plinth, clutch, moist« into our conversation and start to laugh hysterically, whilst our parents look at us, roll their eyes and question the sanity of their children.

So if you don't already watch Miranda - start NOW! It is, without a doubt, the best show out there :)