Hot mess.

This is a short guide on how to survive the stifling heat that is currently present in Austria:

1. Eat a lot of ice-cream and fruit!

That one's pretty obvious. I tend to overdo and eat too much of it but at least it's cooling.

2. Read good books.

I actually should be studying but honestly - who can study when it's this hot? I know I can't. So my lecture notes are usually situated right next to me but only so I can pretend like I did something. Books I am going to read/re-read are:

3. Listen to good music. 

I like to adjust the music to my current mood and surroundings. It just has to fit, you know what I mean? I would, for example, never listen to »Old Yellow Bricks« by Arctic Monkeys when I'm lying in the garden at home - though I LOVE Arctic Monkeys, don't get me wrong. But this particular song isn't exactly suitable for lying in the sun (in my opinion). I would, however, listen to Alex Turner's »Piledriver Waltz« or »Stuck on the Puzzle« and so on. 

Ok, this list could go on forever but I'm going to stop now.

4. Drink water ...

... lots of it.

5. Avoid bodily contact. 

For me, that's one of the most important rules when it's hot because let's be honest - we're all sweating like crazy and who wants to get touched when you're this hot? I hope that's not just me!

6. Don't move.

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