nothin' much to do.


Today's Friday. Happy Friday to all of you guys! :) I thought we could celebrate that day,- the official beginning of the weekend,- with some pretty flowers. But whoops... look at that. Well, I guess I should have watered them a little bit more over the past few days, but to be quite frank, I like the look of dead flowers even more than the one of fresh ones. It has a certain fragile yet highly artistic quality, don't you think? Well, I like it. And also, their dead look perfectly reflects my feeling towards the weekend, since I'm going to be stuck in seminar courses at university all day long from today till Sunday. I mean, come on! What is that? Sunday? Seriously? -

Well, instead of going home this weekend, I'll stay here in Vienna and probably rearrange my apartment. I already started two days ago,- if you read my IKEA blog post, you know what I'm talking about. :)

One thing I would still like to purchase for my apartment is a giant black chalkboard, which I would hang onto my kitchen wall, in order to write recipies on it and also attach my favourite food pictures of Esther's other blog "onlyhealthyfood" to it for inspiration. 

Here you can take another glimpse at my newly decorated kitchen ... 
Oh and also,- I wanted to show you guys this really cute gift a friend and fellow student of mine gave me shortly before I held my speech on serbian churches (again, don't laugh please..) on Tuesday >>

Originally, it wasn't just the clothespin she gave to me, the ribbon was actually tied around a whole bunch of Kinderriegel chocolate bars,- which were sooo delicious that I already had to eat all of them before I was able to take a picture. I am voracious, I know. So thank you again, Anja! :) (She also has a blog which is called A Single Girl's Daily Cooking)

I also went to get a new bottle of makeup. For almost three years now I've been using Clinique's Anti Blemish Solution Makeup, which I've disovered at Macy's in New York City and I'm still very happy with it. :)
After taking pictures of all the stuff you've already seen in this post I figured... what can I possibly do next?

Oh right! Eat! And watch DVDs! (I simply must enjoy my last day of freedom before I have to go to work and university again.)

So I digged up the first season of Will & Grace and watched it laughing heavily while eating the leftovers of my Tzatziki that I got from my favourite restaurant Levante just a few blocks away from my apartment. 

Since there are only two episodes on the first DVD, I then switched to FRIENDS. And also watched the first season. :)

After an hour I got bored and decided to start a creative project for a friend of mine who wanted me to design a collage of her pictures she took during her stay in Strasbourg. It  didn't take much time to finish it and the end result was quite appealing to her, which made me very happy. :)

I think that that's actually a really nice idea for a present (like a poster or small card) for someone, 'cause it's simple yet chic and it only requires little photoshop knowledge to do it. 
In the evening, I had a dinner date with an old friend of mine called Steffi and we met - guess where - at Levante! Again! It's almost ridiculous how often I go there.. But the food's just so tasty and let's face it- Greek Food rules!

I had wood-fired chicken on rice, salad and potatoes. Mmm, yummy. :)

I also must show you my friend's incredibly cute new cell phone case... I mean, it's just adorable, isn't it?

After I've walked my friend home I went to get a caramal frappuccino at Starbucks (I gotta use my new gold card, don't I?) :),  and then I took a short evening stroll through the streets of Vienna. 

Happy weekend, everyone! :)

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