pub night.


Good evening, to y'all. Today's saturday. Or to quote Chandler Bing, one of my favourite TV show characters from Friends: 

Chandler: "So.. Saturday night. The big night. Date night. Saturday Night. S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night!"
Joey: "No plans, huh?"
Chandler: "Not a one."

Well, this pretty much sums up my Saturday Night as well. But I honestly like that! I love laying low on the weekends, except maybe going to a movie or having dinner in a restaurant. Yeah, I'm pretty boring, I guess. :) But hey,- not during the week! On Wednesday, actually, some of my work colleagues and I went to an Irish pub in Vienna and had lots of fun! The pub's called MOLLY DARCY'S and I've already been there with Esther as well. It's a really cool place to meet friends and talk all night long, since the music there isn't too loud and they've got really comfy chairs.

So we ordered some drinks first and later shared a plate of fish and chips together! Mmmmm, delish!

So all in all it was a very nice evening with friends and I absolutely enjoyed it. :) The next time I'm there will be with Esther and we'll take more pictures of our food and drinks. Promise!

Oh and on that day I had also just gotten a new haircut before I went to meet my friends,- I wore my hair straight that evening, which was quite odd to me, since I've had wavy hair for over two years now. But I really liked it. :)

Happy weekend, you guys! :)

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