god bless ikea.


I really must say, today was a fantastic day. Oh,- that rimes, actually . :) Last week Esther and I had decided to finally make a date to go to IKEA in Vienna and put my plan to newly decorate and recolor my apartment into action. My list of things to buy consisted of: New grey satin bed sheets, larger pillows (in order to get that typical King-Size-bed kind-of look), a plant and some vases. Naturally, my list was extended to a million other things I don't really need but somehow can't seem to live without. You know the deal, right? :)
So when we arrived at IKEA we firstly went to get some breakfast there.

Just so you know, I always tend to overeat when there's a buffet, so don't be surprised when you see my huge pile of scrambled eggs. I looove scrambled eggs and actually always - whether if it's in a restaurant or in a hotel - put way too much of them on my plate. In most cases I can't finish the whole portion, but today I could. :)

When we were at the checkout counter, this very nice IKEA lady asked me if I wanted to have something to drink for free as well and after she's listed a hundred different kinds of tea -that I refused- (yes, I'm not a tea-drinker) she looked at me and hesitatingly suggested a cup of cocoa, since my inner child refused to drink coffee or tea this morning, and I happily accepted her offer. However, when I went to the milk can, in a thrill of anticipation to drink my beloved cocoa, I didn't really look at the signs "hot" and "cold". I guess, the picture beneath is all you need to see to understand what I mean..

I was actually too embarrassed to go back to the nice lady and exchange my cup of cocoa for a new one.. Of course Esther was laughing at me all the time and then almost choked on a piece of her nutella-roll.

Alrighty. So after we've finished our delicious frukost we started shopping. Of course we didn't get very far, since the first section at IKEA Nord was the stuffed animals section. 

Esther and I are big fans of cuddly toys- as you can see- but actually Esther is the one who quickly gets annoyed by my overly huge love for them. She even says it's embarrassing if I start talking to them in public while I'm stroking their heads. I mean, can you believe that?! Embarrassing? ME? Ts .. Never.

After finishing cuddling with those cuties we discovered the rest of the stations .. 

Esther found her dream-chair ... >>

... and I found something else... or let's say someone else... 

It was love. Really, it was. This little fella was lying on a kitchentable all alone with no other panda-friends around,- I just had to help him. At the time I actually considered adopting him, but since I've already got so many fluffy friends at home and this little guy clearly stated that he just wanted to go back to his friends, I granted him his wish.

So I took him with me until we arrived at the stuffed animals section, where I finally reunited him with his other friends.

Well, since Esther was courageous enough to out herself as "Crazy Cat Lady", I guess, I should have my personal proud moment as well: Hi, I'm Vicky and I'm Crazy Stuffed Animals Lady". Ok, that doesn't really sound so good. Let's just say I'm the "Angelina Jolie of stuffed animals". I adopt way too much of them.. 

The next picture shows Esther's desperate attempt to edge ahead with her shopping cart >> 

Shortly before we arrived at the checkout counter, this sudden fear of going to spend way too much on my deco-items had suddenly overpowered me. >>

However, it turned out that my shopping spree only cost me 150€, which was a fantastic deal, since I got a lot of beautiful things I've been wanting for over a year now. :)

After taking a small break we've headed home to start our second project: wall-painting. But of course, before that we also enjoyed a little snack while we were going through some new blogposts on esthoria. 

And to make our work-process a little less stressful, we started listening to highly motivational Disney Songs on Youtube! :)

Believe me, time flies when you do that.. :)

I have to admit that we didn't stick to our plan of painting the whole apartment, since it was already extremely exhausting just to paint two different rooms. So we only did the kitchen and the entrance hall, which were most important to me.

At this point I would like to thank Esther again for giving me a hand today and making my home a more beautiful one :)! So for the 100th time, dear Esthi, thank you very very much! :)
After Esther had left, I started to clean my apartment from top to bottom and already added some of the new deco-elements to the different rooms. Maybe I will take a few pictures of the finished rooms and include them into a blog post pretty soon ..  :)

As you can see, I still had to throw out all the garbage I had collected today, with tons of packaging and paint tins.. Unfortunately, the paint had also made its way to my feet, shoulders, head and hands, which is why I will now take a much needed and highly anticipated shower. :)
Nighty night, you guys! 

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