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I am sure that by now all of you know about Wendy Davis' amazing achievement. But just in case you missed it:

The Texas State House voted (on Monday) to pass a bill which would ban all abortions after 20 weeks, plus adding new restrictions on how clinics get licensed (which would mean that a lot of clinics had to shut down). 

However, yesterday, Democratic State Senator Wendy Davis (backed up by a whole lot of feminist supporters), launched a 11-hour (!!) filibuster and managed to shut the whole thing down!
I actually didn't know what a »filibuster « was and had to google it. For those of you who are as ignorant as me on this subject: a filibuster is a way for one person to delay or even prevent votes on a specific proposal.
So here's what she did: she started reading aloud testimony from doctors and people who would be impacted by the restrictions at 11 am and didn't stop talking 11 hours!! She wasn't allowed to take any breaks, a sip of water or eat. In addition to that, she couldn't lean against anything for support but had to stand. The Texas Senate, however, voted anyway. But because it was discovered that the Republicans changed the timestamp in an attempt to fake the bill's passage (the final vote approving was taken at 12:02 am) - the vote was declared invalid!

If you, like me, are totally awestruck by the fabulous Wendy Davis, you should read this article as well: Wendy Davis is the Queen of Everything!

What I like about it a lot are the overwhelming discussions on the internet that are currently motivating everyone to think about women's rights - which is pretty fantastic I think.

Here are my favourite quotes from tumblr from today:

»Being a feminist is okay. Being angry is okay. Being loud as you want about the problem is okay. But could we please put away the "down with men"shit?? The point is equality, not hate for another gender.« source.

»If "Pineapple Express" had been about two girls, they wouldn't have made it. And if I were a woman, I wouldn't have a career.« - Seth Rogan acknowledging Sexism in Hollywood

»170 000 people tuned in the texas senate livestream and hollywood still thinks women can't carry a superhero film.« source

»If the child you save is born gay, will you still continue to protect it?« source

»If you're banning abortions, why not ban male masturbation and condoms and birth control pills and periods because technically you're killing potential human beings.« - »Because then men can't get laid and that would be "unfair"« source 1 - source 2

»Why do fetuses have more rights than women?« - »Because there's a chance they can be born male. Hypothetical males are more important than actual existing women.« source 1 - source 2

and finally:

»It was worth it, absolutely.« - Wendy Davis concerning the filibuster.

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