dreaming of ... greece.


Hot, hotter, Austria. Hello everybody and welcome to the country in the alps - better known as land of lava! Well at least at the moment. (I know, I know.. When it's too cold we're complaining and when it's finally warm in Austria, we're complaining too. But 'warmth' is not exactly the word we're looking for here. 'Melting furnace' is much better.) 
After having tried to learn for my exams outside in the garden yesterday I soon surrendered the humid heat and burning drops of sweat that kept running into my eyes and went inside to continue my reading. While going upstairs I thought, .. -

What are the 20 signs that make you realize that summer has finally arrived? (It didn't take much time to figure that out):

1) Seeing your reflection in the mirror after spending an hour outside and realizing that you look like an ad for tomato sauce.
2) Hearing that wonderful sticky sound when you're trying to get up from the leather couch.
3) Your afro-esque shaped hair.
4) Desperately trying to get by the massive crowd of people in front of the frozen goods aisle at the supermarket .
5) You notice rapid breathing when trying to lift up your fork to eat your food.
6) The people you meet on the street have an inanimate look about them.
7) You start listening to songs like "White Christmas".
8) The chocolate bar you left lying next to your window for three minutes is now a mudd puddle.
9) The bugs are back. All of them.
10) You're constantly reminded of not having the right bikini body yet when looking at any window display in the city.
11) When you pray to be buried by an avalanche.
12) Coming freshly out of the shower and sweating even more than before.
13) You're constantly bombarded by pictures of people who photograph themselves while lying in the garden and tanning, when you still look like goat cheese.
14) You wish you were a cast member of Ice Age. 
15) The swollen inner parts you get on your thighs when walking and sweating at the same time. (Thin people probably won't understand that one.)
16) 'Socks and sandals' come back in style.
17) The smell of people in the subway reminds you of the zoo.
18) You look like the Joker in Batman, 'cause you keep sweating your makeup off.
19) Antarctica suddenly seems like an adequate place to live in.
20) You would trade your best friends for ice cream.

Awww Summer.  :)

To now add sense to the title of this Blogpost - I really am dreaming of going to Greece again! I've already been there 3 or 4 times, however mostly as a child and therefore can't really remember what it was like. Five years ago my family and I went to Peloponnese with good friends and spent a wonderful week there lying on the beach and enjoying the sound of the ocean.
Even though there was no real possibility to visit a city nearby to do some sightseeing,- since we were staying at a beach resort, we still didn't get bored at all. Well, mostly because of the fact that we ate all the time. Greek food is just the best, I'm telling ya'. Sure, Italian will always be my favourite cuisine, however, if you'd hold both lasagna and tzatziki under my nose, I'd honestly go with option number two. 
Now here's a picture of the hotel's balcony ...

And the pool area .. 

I am really not posting those pics to brag about where I've spent my past summer vacation when I was a teenager, I just like to indulge in reminiscences, 'cause I'll probably never be able to afford that kind of vacation in my life,- (my parents paid for the whole trip back then) :).

To quote Esther: "I really miss the ocean. I want to go swimming again." And by swimming we don't mean:

I guess, we both just really miss the sound of waves, the sight of sea foam and of course the inevitable feeling of sand in your bathing slip. It's all so wonderful. ♥ What about you? Do you miss swimming as much as we do? :)