a perfect day of eating.


Ok, first of all: you are right, Vicky, the guy doesn't look anything like John Lennon :) except maybe for the nose, but that's all!

Today we celebrated my dad's birthday. We went to this restaurant which is rather well known where I'm from - it's called »Looshaus«. The food was quite nice and we were seated on the terrace, so we had a nice view. However, I don't understand what all the commotion is about. It's nice but there was no real option for vegetarians - just some pasta with cream-sauce (which I don't like), so that kind of bugged me - but it turned out ok. I just had two starters instead of a main dish.
Afterwards we drove home to have some cake (although we had already shared a slice of cream cake) and give my dad his presents.

As a starter my sister and I had some nettle-soup, which was delicious!

As main dish I had salad with sheep's (milk) cheese.

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