exam season.

When I read Esther's post yesterday I was awestruck by the admirable seriousness that was added to this blog! It almost seems a little bit stupid to me now to post photos of the things I ate in today's blogpost, considering that yesterday's post dealt with such a sociocritical and important topic. I will, however, let go of my complexes and will continue with my original plan of telling you what I did today. :)
First of all -(and actually that's the only exciting thing that happened to me today)- I had an exam in the midmorning. (YAY- it's exam season again! A round of compassion for all the students out there, please..!) Normally, I don't prepare for an exam longer than a week. However, for today's test I studied even longer. You know that feeling on exam day- when you feel secure enough while you're still walking to university, you even get a good cup o' Joe in the morning - 
.. and already happily think about the summertime to come..? DO YOU? Well, in my case that's what it's always like. Unfortunately, 20 mintues before the actual exam I simply freak out and lose all the information I've been painstakingly trying to force into my head the days before! And now I'm sitting on the stairs in front of the auditorium, sweating heavily and hating myself for not having gone through my lecture notes one more time when I was at home! I couldn't help but remind myself of one of my favourite episodes from "Mr. Bean"- the one where Mr. Bean's taking an exam. Have you seen this? If not you've got to watch it now, it's hilarious. :)

When I started to read the questions, which were projected to the wall before us, I couldn't even read them at first since I wasn't wearing my contact lenses. So I started squinting my eyes like an idiot and tried to decipher the sentences on the wall. The guy sitting next to me must have thought I'm a freak when I looked at him while I was still squinting (I forgot to stop that) and asked him a question. Of course, in the same minute one of the supervising students, or traitors,- as I like to call them,- went "Shhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" And I was like- "I just wanted to know if he could borrow me a piece of paper!" And they were like: "Oh.. ok, go on."  Well.. I then tried to read the questions again and this time I succeeded. 

Unfortunately, when I read the first question I went like this: 

... and then like this...

... and then I thought ... 

This has got to be a joke, right? Of all the questions, why did the professor had to pick the hardest and most extensive ones? WHY? Well, I did the best I could. During the exam I didn't even try to do this - ...

... -since I know I would have been interrupted by the wonderful sounds of "SHHHHHH!!" or "Hrmrmr!".  Even though I only had to answer 3 of the 4 questions I also took a shot at the fourth one, just in case. We'll see how that one turns out. :)

After the exam I got myself a delicious bagel and went home to write this blogpost and to continue learning for my next exam..

However, for the last 2 hours I couldn't stop thinking about getting myself a gorgeous little cupcake from my workplace- (I work at the Museum of Modern Art in Vienna and there's a new tenant of our restaurant who turned it into.. guess what .. a Cupcake store! We were so thrilled when we found out about it, but I guess our increasing body fat will soon keep us from spending all of our money on those evil yet beautiful treats.. 

Alrighty.. so, if you'll excuse me now, I will return to my studies and probably cuddle with my baby Panda boy Oskar.
Have a nice day you guys! :)

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