mission impossible.


Today was a pretty depressing day. Firstly, it continued to rain and be extremely windy and secondly, I was, once again, searching for the perfect pair of high-waisted jeans. I actually did find it but unfortunately they're from Topshop (the online shop - there is no Topshop-store in Vienna) and I am not willing to pay over 50€ for some trousers. Why doesn't H&M or F21 have some decent jeans? Why do all jeans have to be low-slung jeans? WHY??

Would you look at how perfect those are? Maybe I'll just buy them. Who cares about money. I'm just going to stop wasting money on food. That would actually work out great - I would lose some weight and those jeans would fit better! 
I was quite depressed, so on the way home I went to a second hand store to lift my spirits. I bought a shirt, a dress and a yellow cardigan - all for 10 €.  
(Oh god, the longer I stare at those Topshop-jeans the sadder I get!)

Here's what I bought:

Nothing special, but I quite like it.

Have a nice day! :)

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