june, oh june.


I know, I already said it like a billion times already,- but I just love the summertime! Blooming flowers, the smell of freshly cut grass, swimming, short dresses, the cricket's chirping .. :) I really must say though that the last days here in Austria were like hell. Literally, like hell. It was incredibly hot, especially in Vienna,- therefore I fled to the countryside as often as possible. Since yesterday it had cooled down, it was raining quite often and there were some small thunderstorms as well. But as long as it doesn't get out of control, it's alright!
Yesterday, we celebrated my dad's birthday and had a wonderful lunch in our wintergarden!

My mom made us some delicious toasted baguettes with tomatoes, basil and chili on top or just simple pesto topping.

In addition to that, we were served scampi on a stick! Mmmmmhm, yumm! 

After lunch we gave my dad his presents, which were mostly books, a huge cookie jar full of sweets that he loves and a fake Alfons Walde painting-  (Walde was a famous Austrian painter and architect). :)

Later, we sat outside in the sun and enjoyed some fresh fruit.

Actually, Esther and I wanted to go to a small summer festival in our hometown that day, however, because of the rain, we decided to stay home instead.

One thing Austrians always do in the summertime when they live on the countryside and want to enjoy a good and proper meal and a nice glass of cider is to go to the "Mostheurigen". A Mostheuriger is normally situated on a farm and offers a variety of meat, cheese, bread and so on. Very simple meals, however very tasty as well. Since we were all very hungry that day, we packed our bags and drove to the nearest (and one of the best) Mostheurigen in town.
As we looked outside the window, we were already able to see the big thunderstorm coming, however, our hunger was stronger than our fear of lightnings. :)

At the Mostheurigen we ordered refreshing beverages, including one called Hugo (a Hugo is made from Prosecco and with its fresh peppermint leaves is similar to a Mojito, but what gives it a distinct, yet refreshing flavor is elderflower syrup).

Of course, after we had some proper lunch, we also had to order a plate full of different pastries ("Mehlspeisenteller") which you normally indulge while drinking some pear brandy.

Another thing that's quite common when you're at a Mostheurigen is that you'll run into a cat or a dog or even a cow when you enter or exit the farmyard. In our case we were introduced to this incredibly cute and sweet dog who followed us around wherever we went. 

As we drove home we realized that it had become very dark..

Still, I wanted to take a view pictures of the great impressions of the cloudy sky ..

On the spot where those pictures were taken there was a small theme park as well -

This picture I found quite interesting, considering that the current month we live in is June.  

 Shortly after I took that last picture up there it started raining heavily so we ran for the hills to get home safely. 
At home, we watched the weather forecast for the next few days and thankfully it won't be as hot as the week before. :)

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