autumn charm.


Hey guys!! 
Dear god, it's been way to long since the last blogpost .. I just realized. I'm currently working on a lot of photo projects, which is why I tried to put my camera away as much as I could in my free time (a.k.a. blogpost-time) to simply get my mind off photoshop for once. But I really missed blogging, I'm telling you! That's why I would like to share with you today some lovely pictures that I took during the past weekend.

On Friday, my parents invited some good friends to dinner, which basically means that my mum served the perfect 5-course meal and put a lot of effort into the whole presentation -(she really doesn't think so, but I DO!). "Unfortunately" I could't taste most of those delicious treats, as I was invited to another party myself. :)

On Saturday, shortly after lunch, Mike and I went for a walk in a nearby neighborhood to enjoy the charm autumn has to offer. We had some coffee at Schloss Wartholz, a lovely place to visit at pretty much any season of the year.

We then went to a lake nearby to collect some chestnuts - and as you can see, we were quite successful! :)

Such a lovely day! :)


girls night out.


Last saturday, us girls went out to say good bye to our friend Simone, who's going to spend some time abroad the next couple of weeks. We gathered in our favourite lounge bar near our hometowns where you can not only get cold drinks, but also some yummy burgers! 


all of the food.


Because I am lacking ideas at the moment, I am just going to show you some of the food I have been eating the last couple of days:

And for all of you who don't already know: you can see more of my food-pictures on my food-blog