bed and breakfast.


Hi guys! :) Yesterday evening, I was happy to welcome my good friend Lisa as a guest in my apartment. I cooked her some dinner, a spinach - goat cheese strudel, followed by a chocolate dessert. 

We really had a blast talking about old times and exchanging funny stories about each other's lifes. Since Lisa's a regular sleepover-guest at maison Vicky, I prepared us some guacamole after dinner and we made ourselves comfortable on the bed, watching Mrs. Doubtfire (not just in honour of Mr. Williams, but also because we simply love that movie)! 

We actually went to sleep quite late that day due to all the Youtube videos we were watching afterwards whilst consuming masses of chocolate. (We regretted our greed later and started squirming and rolling around like pigs). That must have been a pleasant thing to look at. 
Well, the next morning we had some breakfast,- yes, me too, even though I dislike breakfast, however it was very tasty, I really gotta say. I made Lisa an American flag inspired toast, since she was talking about maybe going to California and the western states next year, therefore I felt obliged to make her a themed-breakfast suprise.

Also, Lisa got to meet one of my new family members, a panda baby boy. 

His name is 50Cent. (He's named after the rapper 50Cent, since I got him at a fleamarket in Vienna for,- guess how much ... - 50Cents, exactly. This genuis idea to name him after his pricing was my dad's, who didn't think that Gustav was such a good name for him. Lovely, isn't he? To tell you a little bit about himself, - his favourite activities are sleeping, ...

... climbing pillows,

... eating ...

... and playing with his friends.  

You gotta just love him, right? :) 


for old time's sake.


H E Y   T H E R E!
On Friday, we celebrated my mum's birthday. One of her presents were pictures of her childhood that my father had converted to JPGS with a dia-scanner a few weeks ago. With joint efforts we were able to quickly convert all the dias, photoshop them and hand the finished prints off to my mum. I guess you can imagine her enthusiasm towards her present! :) Down below, there's a pic of the basket we got her, it mainly consisted of travel essentials from H&M and other things. My personal favourite was the card I got from a wedding store in Vienna that also sells birthday cards. Lovely! And so retro!

And as you already know, part of her present basket were the photos. With  my mum's permission, I would now like to share my absolute favourite pics with you. You'll see some gorgeous photos of my grandpa, grandma and of course, my mother. I hope you'll enjoy the pictures as much as I do.


photography business.


H  E  L  L  O     T  H  E  R  E!

Six months ago, I have officially entered the independent business world as a photographer. So far, I have been able to manage to build myself a corporate identity, a homepage - www.victoriaposch.com - ...

... (still under construction, but at least it's working! YAY!) and already had quite a few clients that I've loved working with! :) I feel very privileged to finally be doing this, even though I don't have academic training yet or a lot of technical know-how. However, what I do know is that my clients very much appreciate the way I work, the motives I choose and the finished photos, as they have told me so in person. Besides doing food photography for a publishing company, I also shoot weddings, family occasions and any other kind of events, as well as portraits, application photos and so on ... One of the recent and biggest projects I had been working on was the wedding of a lovely young couple in the end of June. With their permission, of course, here's a sneak peek of the photos I took at the couple's wedding, formed in little collages.

Currently, I'm working on a signature packaging-style, especially for wedding clients. As you can see below, I put the data stic with the pictures in a craft box, surrounded by wooden elements, a few prints on top and a thank you card. I think it looks kinda sweet and I guess the couple enjoyed the box very much. :)




Wow! Finally a sign of life on Esthoria again! Incredible! :) Seriously, you guys, we gotta dedicate more time to this blog, I just realized it once again. Busy times are going on right now, therefore working on some new blogposts is a difficult thing to do sometimes. But that's why today's post is going to be a treat for the eyes, I'm telling you. Besides my Bourgas travel diary that I postet a few weeks ago, there's another holiday adventure I've been wanting to share with you for quite a while now. About three weeks ago, my parents, my boyfriend and I spent three marvellous days in Southern Styria in a well known Austrian design hotel called Loisium. Mike and I had never been to this place before and I'm telling you guys - it was awesome! But first things first,- before we got the actual hotel we stopped by a vintner to (of course) buy some wine and taste some of it too. We got to meet this cute fella you can see down below who guarded his master's wine cellar very well. After our quick stop we headed on to a lovely old castle (I'm sorry, forgot the name) where we visitied this incredible park. There were mysterious wooden statues standing in the middle of a riverbed, surrounded by trees and bushes.

After we had checked in at the hotel we got to see our hotel room for the first time, which was absolutely stunning! The sheer modernity, yet rustic and minimalistic style was really appealing to us. The entire hotel basically was photo-heaven for me, since I couldn't stop clicking my camera the whole time we were there.

After drooling over the floor of our rooms out of sheer fascination, we proceeded to the spa area of the hotel. (Could this blogpost be any more decadent?... Yes it could. And it will. You'll see.) Since it was raining that day, we decided to just stay there the entire afternoon, so we took a swim in the hotel pool and simply relaxed. You even get free afternoon snacks in the spa areas' restaurant and an amuse-gueule while you're sitting at the pool (- I told you it would get more decadent...).

In the evening my parents took us to a wonderful vintner and restaurant called "Maitz" where we had some drinks and awesome food! (For the record,- whenever you see me holding a glass of wine or Prosecco,- I'm just pretending to drink it, since I hate any kind of alcohol. I should basically sit at the kids table all the time, with a mug of cocoa in my hand. That's the truth. And I like it.)

(See,- that's me pretending. But isn't that a lovely picture...?)

Even though I detest sunset pictures, I simply had to post this one as the view over the vineyards was just amazing! Back in the hotel we had some good-night drinks at the hotel bar. (All we do is drink, it seems ...)

While watching Big Bang Theory in our awesome hotel beds we fell asleep exhausted and excited for the next day. In the morning we had our first Loisium breakfast, which, of course, was exactly as we had imagined it. And even better. (Decadence calling again!)

After breakfast we decided to visit the neighborhood, the vintners, vineyards (a.k.a. drink more alcohol) and even got to see some lovely hotels and apartments. First stop was a vineyard and Buschenschank (wine restaurant) called "Schilhan". They had this amazing terrace with a view over the vineyards. Just amazing!

Afterwards, we headed on to newly renovated hotel-complex called "Vincent", which I personally really enjoyed taking a look at. You can basically rent an aparment there and use the pool/restaurant etc. with the other hotel guests.

Awesome! Then we proceeded to another vintner (forgot the name, shame on me...) where we were also able to take a look at the newly renovated hotel-apartments. Afterwards we returned to the hotel and once again relaxed in the spa area. Before we engaged in the most wonderful part of the day (dinner), we made a stop at the Loisium winery to ... do I even have to say it? :)

(Yes, that's me pretending again.)

And THEN my favourite part of the day came! Dinnertime! Part of the hotel-package deal was to get one hotel dinner when you stay for 2 nights. So we indulged in some amazing food, which didn't just look wonderful! Afterwards we stayed on the hotel terrace and watched the fog patches above the vineyards. Lovely!

Back in the hotel room we put our jammies on and already cried ourselves to sleep since we had to go back home the next day. Eventually, it had to happen. We just weren't mentally prepared, that was the problem. Well! However, to look on the bright sight, I was very much looking forward to the homeward journey as soon as we had gotten on the road, since my dad had proposed to stop by the chocolate manufacturer "Zotter" on our way back. Before we went there though, we wanted to see one more thing that was in range of our hotel.- A mausoleum, centered in a town of a nearby neighborhood. Unfortunately, we couldn't go inside though, yet the building itself was quite lovely. (Kind of morbid to use this particular adjective, I guess...)

And then it was bye bye Loisium! We also stopped by an old town on the hills of Styria where we enjoyed the view over the incredible landscape the South of Austria has to offer and another castle-like building which nowadays is known for its carpet-exhibitions. -(It's the red building down below)! And last but not least,- Zotter! I can't even put my love in words!

I guess, saying that this trip was amazing would be an understatement. Thanks again to mum and dad for inviting us to come with you and see all those amazing things and places! We really had a wonderful time! :) (And I hope you guys did too, reading the blogpost)!

Have a nice day everyone! :)