second hand.


Hey guys! :) Today I've been browsing through some old picture galleries on my computer and suddenly found the pictures I already wanted to share with you a long time ago. With the slight purpose to advertise a little bit for the Second Hand Store that my mom works in,- I present to you the pictures I took of the store back in February. The store's located in Gloggnitz, Lower Austria and houses different variations of clothes, - from casual jeans to formal dresses. You can also find seasonal equipment there, as well as strollers for kids and so on .. You should really take a look at it if you ever get the opportunity, you'll surely find one or the basic you might wanna take home with you.


back in business.

Finally, after a long winter break, we're working on new food photography projects for the publishing company Facultas. We were lucky enough to already have worked on 14 books
of its nutrition series, by cooking the meals from chosen recipe lists (Esther) and photographing them (Vicky). The following three books will sadly be the last ones that we're gonna be able to work on so we cherish every single moment of our beloved food-photography working process! :)

First we collect all the stuff we're able to use for the presentation of the freshly cooked meals, so we simply throw everything that might be usable for the photoshoot on the dining table. The pile mainly consists of clothes with special patterns, white and black cloth, napkins, magazines, books and so on .. 

Then we're trying to choose the right dishes,- we personally prefer using pastel-coloured and black plates, for soups we often use cereal bowls made of glass .. we're always trying to be creative and mix it up! 

Then comes the difficult part. Choosing the meal we wanna start first with. Believe us, this is the hardest decision, as usually, the first shooting always goes wrong and the end result looks terrible. However, for some strange and utterly disturbing reason it all worked out fine today and we finished the whole shoot faster than we thought we would.

Something we find quite amusing is the way we primitively try to develop the perfect food-atmosphere by holding up black T-shirts for example,- (we don't own a black screen), and then look at the end results, which,- for the untrained eye, dont' look primitively produced at all. This really makes us smile. :) As it isn't possible for us to post single pictures in good quality of the finished pictures on the blog, we will only show you a tiny version of some already finished photos, to give you an impression of how we work.

Well and that was it. As usual there's a whole lot of a mess going on in Esther's kitchen and all of Esther's family members are happy to dig in the good food. (Vicky gets to take home some of it as well)!


last evening.


Yesterday evening, after I had gotten home from my admission exam at die Graphische, I was incredibly tired and immediately fell into bed. The test was quite fun, however quite challenging as well. I felt like I made a good impression and did the best I could do at the written exam and the presentation of my work.

After having a short chat with Oskar I made myself some dinner,- chicken with mozzarella and tomatoes and asparagus with a hint of parmesan. 
For dessert I tore open the Balisto package I thought I would eat during the exam, however there was simply no time to eat!

While watching episodes of Home Improvement I fell asleep drooling on my bathrobe out of sheer tiredness.


application day.


Hey guys! :) Today's the big day! Today's my admission exam at a photography college in Vienna, called die Graphische. I'm already really looking forward to it and also I try not to have any high hopes or expectations concerning the outcome of today's test whatsoever. I figure, I'll just try and if they don't think I'm suitable for this particular institution I'll just continue my masters degree at university and attend some photography workshops from time to time. It would be marvellous to get in, of course, but we'll see how today's procedure will turn out to be. I personally am equipped: I've got my map that includes 10 photographs that underline my personal photographic style and 9 others that I've developed especially for the required topic "sustainability". I hope that the committee will like them, 'cause I really do. Besides that I've got my ruler, eraser, pencils and crayons with me which I'll need for the written exam.

I thought, I might also take two of the books from publishing company Facultas with me - (I've been working for Facultas as a food photographer for quite a while,- Esther cooked the meals btw.!) - JUST IN CASE they want to see it. I honestly think it's a bad idea to show them to the committee, 'cause it might seem as if I want to brag or something .. but friends and relatives keep telling me I should take them with me, so I will. :) 

No matter how today's test will turn out to be, I'll keep on pursuing the photography path,- that is for sure. :)

Have a nice day you guys!


mole west.


Hello there! :) I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend..? Well, as for me, I must say that I've had a splendid one. On Saturday, my boyfriend and I spontaneously decided to take a short trip to Burgenland, wich is the easternmost state of Austria and well known for its lake Neusiedlersee. 

This weekend, Mike and I decided to see a part of it that we've never seen before so we followed my parents' advice and went to a really nice restaurant called "Mole West" which is situated right on the Neusiedlersee.

Luckily, we immediately found ourselves a seat and relaxed in our comfy chairs while waiting for our delicious meals.

As an amuse-gueule we got some bread and different varieties of spread, butter and oil.

Mike ordered ramson soup and fish (on sticks!) while I indulged in some ramson tagliatelle with goatcheese! It was yummy!

Even though the weather could've been a little nicer that day, I still really enjoyed the grey-ish looking sky and lake which definitely had a spooky aura about themselves.

And since you simply can't not stop by the artifically built shopping town Parndorf when you're in Burgenland, we took a short spin there too.

After taking that "little spin" aka buying hundreds of things we don't even need, we still didn't quite want to go home, so we decided to pick up a few bottles of wine from a vitner in town for Mike's dad.

We even got to taste some of the chosen wines and there were so delicious that we simply had to take at least one more bottle home with us! :)