lightning day.


Well, or maybe not-so-much-lighting day. I though it would be one, when I started writing this blogpost, however it turned out to be a wonderful, breezy friday evening (I'll tell you more 'bout that in a second). - By the way: Does the title picture only remind me of René Magritte's extraordinaire painting "La voix du sang"? -or someone out there as well? 

(I am aware of the fact that I just ridiculously enough tried to compare one of my inferior artworks with a painting of one the world's most magnificent and brilliant artists of all time).

Well, back to my day: It started with me driving home from Vienna and having lunch together with my mom. She made us some different variations of salad and some fried cheese. It was delicious and a perfect meal for a hot summer day like this one. 

 After lunch, we sat down in the wintergarden and enjoyed some ice cream. 

(This dress actually belongs to my mum,- she got it at the fleamarket for 4€- and I just looove it!) :)

As we looked up to the sky we suddenly realized that it had become quite dark, therefore my mother immediately checked the weather forecast website on her IPad.   

The yellow area that you can see up there shows the part of Austria that's in a danger-zone (thunderstorm-wise).


In my opinion, there is something truly fascinating about lightnings. I don't really know what exactly, but there is. On the one hand I am extremely scared of them, on the other hand there's nothing more thrilling for me than a thunderstorm. Everytime Austrian meteorologists predict huge thunderstorms in the area we live in- like today, I'm never exactly sure if I should 

go like this:

or this:

I guess it's more like number 2, since I am an extreme scaredy-cat ... to be totally honest... :)

So basically we were just awaiting the big thunderstorm, however, it never came. In any case our newly built cube (which I told you about a few posts ago) was already equipped for any kind of weather,- even though it's still not quite finished yet. 

At 8pm in the evening it had become very clear that the weather would stay nice and breezy so my bf and I went out for a walk in the neighbourhood. Or as I like to call it: Evening stroll 2.0 :). 
As you can see, I took some pictures of places you've already seen - like this one up there...

 ... but some other ones as well ...

That picture up there really freaked me out! First I thought- OH MY GOD, they've stolen little Oskar!! But after taking a closer look I realized that it was some other bear, not in any way related to my Panda boy. He does however look kind of sad or angry, I couln't quite tell at that distance- (I didn't want to come any closer, 'cause I was afraid that the owners would run at me with their dogs and chase me away from their property.) So we quickly went on and took some other pictures of the neighbourhood.

In the end, we got ourselves some delicious ice cream! :) yummm!

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