rainy day.


today was one of those typical -'do not go out on the street otherwise a flood will flush your shoes away and wash your makeup off your face' -rainy days in vienna. and by rainy I mean nasty. and by nasty I mean armageddon-like. guys, it was just awful. I had just finished work at the museum and finally went to the back exit of the building when I suddenly experienced this drizzle drop on my nose as I opened the door. I thought 'nah, can't be that bad' but it was! for almost half an hour my work colleagues and I were unable to get to the next subway station due to this heavy rainfall pouring down on us. however, driven by the feeling of starvation and the constant picture of a dancing salmon embedded in spinache with goat cheese in front of my eyes (and yes, I always put a lot of effort into planning what to eat for dinner) I got up the courage and entered the dangerous thunderstorm territory, equipped with my teeny tiny umbrella and of course while holding hands with one of my colleagues since I'm afraid of electrical storms. our escape route was divided into 3 sprints. on the first sprint I lost my left shoe, on the second sprint I lost my right shoe and on the third sprint- shortly before we reached the subway station - I lost my right shoe again and my will to survive. since I was already soaking wet, my umbrella already bit the dust due to the wind which destroyed it and my shoe lying somewhere behind me I yelled towards my friends: go! go without me! leave me here, save yourselves! and well, they did. within a second. but it didn't matter, I still fought my way through the hail-shower and 20 minutes later arrived home safely. and since I didn't know what else to do besides cooking that evening, I took some photos of my latest fashion and beauty haul.

as you can see, I've been to h&m and lush last week and bought myself some lovely new items!

first of all, I bought this cheap black and white dress-like top with a tribal print for 5 euros and a matching (at least that's what I think) coral look-alike necklace. I think that this could be a nice summer outfit for grill-parties in the garden!

also, I got this cute creme-coloured sleeveless top with a golden necklace which would look perfect together with a bun in my hair and a bright lipstick-colour. 

I've also been to LUSH and bought the usual bathing essentials and soaps. I especially like the smell of lavender, lilac and almonds .. I got to talk with one of the salesmen there who told me all about his new found love for LUSH and how it changed his life,- since he's always had neurodermatitis (a sort of rash that people mostly get in an early stage of life) and that he found the ultimate skin treatment for his skin disorder. Since I have neurodermatitis too it was quite an interesting conversation. I must say, I was pretty sceptical that those products would be good for a rash, since I thought that they were full of perfumed substances. However, they are not, they are in fact herbal, essential oils that nurture the skin much better than fatty cremes or those harmful cortisone treatments I usually use on the affected areas. So he gave me two samples of skin care lotions and peelings that he thought might help me as well. :)

Last but not least, I also bought myself some fantastic new silver frames that will go perfectly on the wall behind my bed. Since I am planning to redo my entire appartment,- and by that I mean paint the walls, add some new deco items and possibly new bed sheets and cushions,- I finally want to put up my favourite photographs of actors and actresses I admire, or simply people that inspire me somehow, on my walls! 

hopefully, esther will help me with the project :)

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