a day in the park.

what a wonderful beginning of spring! we're so excited that the beautiful warm weather has finally found us! we simply had to pack our bags and decided to spend the day in the 'stadtpark' in vienna. first we made sure that we wouldn't go there hungry, therefore we stopped by this delicious italian self-service restaurant called vapiano (we're sure, you've all heard of it) and then we just sat there in the grass and enjoyed the fantastic view on the pond. 

 later on we started walking around in vienna, as we always do, and bought ourselves some delicious icecream at zanoni (a famous ice-cream store in vienna's first district).
 oh- and by "we" we mean us and our friend thomas, who joined our little adventure tour! - let me introduce to you: tom - aka 'christoph waltz movie lover'- as is vicky. :)
 sadly, our little tour had to end sometime.. so we sat down at our favourite spot at 'donaukanal' and watched ships coming by. all in  all, it was a fantastic sunny afternoon! :)

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