ode to sunday.


oh how I love sundays! for me, sundays are usually long, cozy and relaxing days that end with watching disney movies and drinking ten glasses of warm milk in the evening while lying in my cozy, snugly bed. even though one must always prepare for mondays on sundays and realize that the weekend is finally over, it still can be a pretty awesome day. especially when you're at home with your family. today, for example, I awoke by the smell of beautfiul pink peonies in my room which my mother had bought for me two days ago.

after we've finished our lunch, which consisted of a broccoli-soup and a chicken breast with grilled asparagus, scallions and tomatoes, we decided to take a little walk in a city close to our own, called Reichenau.

in Reichenau, there are lots of beautiful parks and coffeehouses.. whenever we're there we visit the city's most beautiful and fantastic furniture store which also functions as a small restaurant.

we were wandering around in the store looking for new deco elements for the house ..

and of course we also had to take a small break from all the exhausting shopping and granted us some coffee and delicious desserts. 

mmmmmmm yummy :)
all in all, it was a fantastic sunday and I'm already looking forward to the next one. :)


happy weekend you guys! :)

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