golden thursday.


Hey guys! Two things in the mail today: 

1) an amazon-package (I won't share its content on this blog since there are presents for other people in here who are regular visitors on esthoria) - and 
2) a letter from Starbucks!!

I was so excited, I immediately had to rip the letter open with moist eyes and drooling out of my mouth (since I rememberd that it must be my Starbucks Gold Card, that I've been lusting for over a decade now..)

and who would have guessed ...

... it was my Starbucks Gold Card!! :) ♥ ❤
When I got it, I immediately turned on Skype and told Esther about it (yes, I have no life) and revealed to her my brilliant plan to post it on esthoria and share this unimportant nothingness (in her eyes) on our blog. Well, when I told her, she went like this: 

But I don't care. I love Starbucks and so does she, actually. She just doesn't get the brilliance of this card! With this in my hand I can get syrup and a whole cup of coffee on my birthday for FREE! Free!! I know, that's not such a big deal .. but .. look how pretty it is! :)
Well, back to business. While I was again working on my presentation for next week, I had to look up something in my university maps and started sorting through my cabinets. And suddenly, THIS wonderful thing fell into my hands as if it was destiny .. 

My old folder of newspaper articles about Jennifer Aniston and other celebrities I adored, and most importantly.. stalked. Over many years. So if you're interested or not, you're gonna have to look at the next 6 pages of this folder in order to finish this blog entry. :)

This actually is one of my favourite pics on this folder,- even after all these years I think it's hilarious! It's a promo picture for the 10th season of friends made by NBC, and it points out how "so not OK" Ross is with the fact that Rachel and Joey have become a couple. "How do you spell denial?" R-O-S-S. Haha! 

So, as you can see, I combined my love for Ralph Fiennes and Friends on the same folder! Since Esther is the leader of the international "I hate Ralph Fiennes"- fanclub, she probably won't be thrilled that I just defiled our pristine blog with his picture.. :)

These are some of my newspaper articles about Jennifer Aniston that I collected. I can still remember taking this map to my hairdresser everytime I went to get a new hairdo and -colour. And of course, it never exactly looked like the hair in the picture, but it was worth the try. :)

As you can see, I was cleary obsessed with Jennifer (and some people say I still am .. like my mother)- but that's not true. Now I just like her. Not her movies though, just her. As a person. Really. Believe me. I'm not obsessed anymore. Really. Trust me. 

Well, here's another nice picture of her in "In Touch Magazine" -- (haha, I feel like I'm starting to sound like that crazy cat lady from the Simpsons who always talks about her cats and nothing else: crazy cat lady aka me) -- 

Something like that actually really makes me crazy, 'cause it's so ridiculous. I mean? Seriously? Does she look pregnant to you in that green top she's wearing? What happened to those already low and gossip seeking magazines that simply can't seem to stop finding and inventing and (probably photoshopping) new things to trash! Are they actually so desperate -(well, let's not even go there, that could go on for a while) - I'm just saying.. If it were up to In Touch I'd be pregnant every day, whoa- look at that, I ate 2 pieces of cake today, I guess I'm having triplets ..!

Congratulations! You've made it! :) This is the end of my boring "discovery-of-old-teenage-obsessions" tour by Vicky,- I'm glad you were able to tolerate my silly blathering for as long as you did. To still comment on this last pic up here,- this is on the back of my folder, and I guess, no further comment necessary. The overly aggressive "X" probably explains itself. :)

So now, after watching the beautiful sunset from the bathroom window, I will return to my studies. And after I'm finished, I'll allow myself -- 

THIS! :)

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