I found the tea rather moist as well.

Due to the fact that I have an exam on wednesday and therefore cannot leave the apartment (because I have to study) exept for going grocery shopping, this is going to be a very boring post ... about food. My only joy these days. Because there isn't anything else to do except studying and eating.

For breakfast I had some lovely muesli.

For lunch I had Rice with Zucchini, Rucola and Feta:

For the rice: follow the instructions on the package (today I felt a sense of achievement because for the first time in my life the rice water didn't overflow! I was very proud.)

While the rice is cooking, cut one spring onion and quarter one zucchini. Heat up some olive oil in a pan and add the cut onion, zucchini, salt, pepper and herbs. Let it cook until the zucchiniquarters are softish. Add the zucchinis and onions to the rice, add rucola and the sliced feta.

For dessert I had some joghurt with grapes and a nectarine.

In the evening I had the leftover rice and some more grapes.

And now, after already having had countless cups of tea today, I am going to drink another one and watch Golden Girls (hence the title, which is a quote from The Golden Girls) :) here's the link to the quote: x

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