going home.


In case we haven't mentioned it on here before: most of the time we only stay in Vienna during the week and go home (to a small town near Vienna) on the weekends. It is rather stressful, having to pack stuff week after week; deciding what to bring along with you. I don't like packing and I'm really bad at making decisions.

The worst part: having to decide which items of clothing to pack. How am I supposed to know what I want to wear tomorrow or the day after that? Because of Pentecost we have monday and tuesday off (except for Vicky - she has to work in Vienna), which makes it even worse.

At least rings and necklaces are small, so I can take them all with me. It's usually around that time I start dancing around my suitcase - very much resembling Miranda Hart -  to some fun music like it's a bonfire (a very suitable song for that fun packing procedure: Wannabe by the Spice Girls).

I'm always so relieved when I'm done, I usually have to reward myself with some sweets.

But however awful this packing procedure is, I'm always happy to go home.

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