ben and jerry's day.


everyone loves ice cream. right? especially when it's free ice cream. that's just fantastic, isn't it? so understandably we were absolutely thrilled when we realized last week that it was the annual ben & jerry's free cone day in vienna again! 

isn't it just exciting to wait in line in front of a cute little ben and jerrys's cart located at one particular spot in each city on one certain day and hoping that you're going to be the next person to get free ice cream (one cone per customer)? well, this year not so much. we've given it a try, believe us. we've waited and waited and the jumpy crowd in front of us still didn't seem to get any smaller. 

so after almost 30 minutes of waiting we did the unthinkable. we went to the other b&j's cart right next to it, bought ourselves some delicious cookie dough ice cream for 3€ and fell into those pretty little loungers in the sand, while watching the raging croud in front of the free-cone-cart. it was hilarious. people jumping up and down, turning tricks to get in front of each other.. that could have been us.. but no, we thought, we'd rather sit there and enjoy the view. 

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