breakfast love.


Top o' the morning to ya, laddies!

(In case you're wondering: the »E.« above means that it's me, Esther, who's currently composing a blog entry. Vicky and I have decided, that we are going to take turns writing on here because it is next to impossible to do it together all the time. So whenever you see a V. on top of an entry, it's Vicky writing and so forth.)

I love breakfast. Period. LOVE! Sometimes I'm too excited to go to sleep because I am so much looking forward to breakfast. I mean what's not to love? Getting up in the morning, still sleepy and slightly grumpy for no apparent reason (except for the whole having-to-get-up business), making some hot tea and burning your tongue because you're too impatient to wait for it to cool down.

Preparing breakfast and dropping a strawberry in the process because you can't really react quickly and catch it in the morning. It's always fun to have a wet toe when the strawberry lands unfortunate or a red stain on the carpet. But when it's all done and ready for you to eat, when you finally sit at the table and can eat - I LOVE BREAKFAST, don't you?

 Have a nice day! :)

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