oops, I did it again.


in case you were wondering why I'm quoting one of britney spears' songs in the title- I went deco-shopping. again. I bought stuff I don't really need. again. but- I stayed under 50 € all in all, which isn't really that much I think. especially since esther and I earned about 600 € each last week due to our food photography projects. and since a brand new h&m home store openend its doors to us people in vienna, I figured, I have to at least take a little look at it. 

even though it's not a very big store, it still contains a lot of nice deco-items like candles, vases, napkins, pillow cushions, cans and so on.. 

first of all, I bought myself some fabulous new napkins,- cause when you eat,- you gotta eat fancy, right?

I also purchased like a hundred new vases that I'm gonna put on my kitchen's windowsill. I'll probably fill some biscotti into the big cookie jar and into the other vases (some of them aren't from the h&m home store, as you can see, I also got some at the furniture store DEPOT) I'll probably put couscous, basil and so on ...

however, the best thing about buying new deco elements that are made out of glass is:

THE BUBBLE WRAP!! :) hello, my name is vicky and I'm a bubble wrap addict.

oh and I am so happy about my new white sleveless top and necklace that I wore yesterday! so at the risk of sounding superficial- here's my outfit of the day, if you want to see it! :)

have a nice friday you guys! :)

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