pretty in pink.


So. Remember when I told you that I always go home on the weekends? Well. I probably shouldn't have said that because fate took it as a challenge and now here I am. In Vienna. On a saturday. I was actually supposed to have a lecture today but due to a death in my professor's family, that lecture got moved to next weekend. The whole weekend. Even on sunday! So not only didn't I get to go home this weekend but I am going to be stuck in Vienna next weekend as well. Yay. But fear not. It's not like I am going to be bored, oh no! I have to write essays and study for four different exams! I repeat: Yay!

However, in one of my (many) study breaks I took some pictures of my new favourite old dress (it belonged to my grandmother) and other stuff.

Remembering the »good old times« (= two days ago) when a friend came to have lunch with my room mate and me and we had smoothies and profiteroles.

And now I unfortunately have to go back to my lecture notes. Yuckity Yuck!

PS.: Vicky, I think we should stop whining about having to study on here so much :)

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