quick update.


No new blogposts? Nothing new to tell? Have they gone missing? What the hell's going on on Esthoria? If those are the questions you've been asking yourself lately, I can reassure you- we've not gone MIA, we've just been busy! :) Also, there's not much to tell these days, Esther has been working a lot due to her museum internship and I am currently studying for one of my last exams at university and writing my second BA thesis. You can feel my motivation, right? Well, it's not so bad really. Actually it was kinda nice- this week I decided to stay on the countryside to focus on my studies. I got up in the morning, did some learning, then my mom came home from work and we sat in the sun after lunch while drinking aperol and tanning a little bit! Lovely! :) Also, my current exam topic is the Taj Mahal which is nice to learn about while enjoying the wonderful warmth of sunbeams on your face, I really gotta say. What else did I do this past weekend and week besides learning you ask?- Well, here it goes: 

On Sunday, as usual, we had a yummy lunch prepared by my mom and afterwards watched the last few competitions of the Olympics on TV. (I honestly couldn't care less for the Olympics,- and as an Austrian it is shameful to say that skiing, ski jumping or any other kinds of sporting activities including snow are all in the same way irrelevant to me.) But since this is the only sportive competition that Austrians are actually doing good at, it was obligatory for me to at least watch some of the most important races.

The day before I got a late birthday present from one of my dear friends Steffi, who got me this fantastic nailpolish set, a box of chocolates and a heartwarming written message that even made me cry! :)

Aww.. Lovely! :) Thanks again so much Steffi, I've never owned an Essie nailpolish before and I gotta say- I absolutely love it! However, shortly after I had unpacked the box of chocolates it seemed to have gone missing .. 

Whoa! No- there it is!! My babies are even more greedy than me .. Shocker .. I really trained them, well ..
Well, speaking of babies .. on Friday Mike and I went to IKEA as he is currently redoing his workspace at home and therefore had to tidy out everything he didn't need anymore including files, furniture, decoration .. and .. oh .. it's hard to say it out loud even now .. HIS PLUSHY FRIENDS! (No Esther, you don't have to go on reading, I know you're rolling your eyes right now) - But listen! It's a tragedy!! 

Mike and my conversation went pretty much like this:

Me: "Alright, so almost everything in here has been cleaned out. What's under that blanket over there?
Mike: "Ughh.."
Me: "What? What's under there?"
Mike: "Ugghh.."
Me: "Are you hiding something? What is that??"
Mike: "Ugghhh..."
Me: "Oh my god! (me running towards the hidden pile, pulling the blanket away and screaming) You wanted to throw out your babies? You wanted to kill them?? Let the bulk garbage track take them!?!?"
Mike: "Ughhh. Yeah."
Mike: "Don't really care."
Me: (Crying) "I can't believe you? I'm gonna take them with me!! I am shocked!" 
Mike: "Uh-huh."
Me: My god, just think of it- if hadn't looked under that pile, they would have been thrown out! Are there any more of them in this house that you want to throw away?!"
Mike: "Uggh .."
Mike: "Ermm.."
Me: "WHERE?"
Mike: "In the garden."
Me: (me running downstairs, going through all the garbage bags and rescuing 3 more babies from their ultimate demise) "Are those all? A mouse, another mouse and a dino?"
Mike: "Yeah, that's all."
Me: "Really!?"
Mike: "Yeah, really."

Alright, that's pretty much the whole story. We took them with us to my mom who then took them to the second hand store and now they are hopefully on their way to Caritas or to other deserving kids who might want to cuddle with some new plushy friends. I hope everyone's happy now! :) - And guys, I know you're gonna call me crazy, but that's just who I am. I am crazy. End of story.

Alright! I will now return to my studies, if you'll excuse me and maybe later try out the new stuff I got when I visited the pharmacy yesterday! (My friend's mother works there so she's always extra generous)! :) 

Have a lovely day you guys! :)


o spring, where art thou?


Hello, guys! :) Last weekend Esther and I did a little photoshoot (which she will tell you about in our next post). This photoshoot actually made me realize something. My hair is long. Very long. Too long, in fact. For some reason I kind of forgot to go to the hairdresser once in a while,- the last time I went was about a year ago, I guess. But since I don't colour or style my hair in any way, it stayed healthy for a quite a while. But now, a little change would be kinda nice. Spring is coming (not yet, but I can feel it!!), I have those really rare and weird longings of actually cleaning my aparment (weird, indeed),- which tells me that it must be spring soon .. and last night, I cleaned out my entire wardrobe, since I'm sick of those grey-ish, brown-ish colours in there! Currently, I'm hunting for colourful, bright happy colours in Vienna's stores, but so far, my hunt wasn't very prosperous. I guess, I have no other choice than to order them online, however, I have to save a lot of money at the moment due to my photography business (in the making). Grr. Alright, so my plan has flaws, I admit it. But hey, with a new 'do, I figured, my current clothes will look better on me anyway! :) Alright- now back to the actual title of this blogpost! 
Spring! I cannot wait for spring! Can you? Waking up to your open window in the mornings, the sun shining on your face, birds chirping, the smell of flowers entering your nose as you step outside .. (not if you live in the city though .. damn). Aww. But still, lovely. 

Alright, so what do I do to prepare myself for spring?

Get a fresh/new look. Whether it's a new hairstyle or a cool necklace that peps up my outfit, or clothes for that matter, - it's never wrong to brighten up your appeareance from time to time. Here are my personal spring fashion must-haves and hair-'dos:

Room/apartment- cleaning and redocorating! There's nothing better than a fresh and clean home with a touch of colour. Whether it's flowers, new pillows or cute deco elements - it's pretty simple to pep up your room by changing only small things! Here are a few DIY's I found on pinterest and really adore:

toilet paper rolls!

Change your desktop background. 

'Cause after all, we do spend a lot of time staring at that thing one way or the other. Here are some cool sites that offer free wallpapers:

Well, at least those are the 3 things that I'm about to do in the next couple of days .. Oh, and:

Eat healthier and drink more water. That's really my aim as I  haven't been feeling very well during the past few months, due to eating loads of chocolate, meat, greasy sauces etc. - don't get me wrong, I love all of those, but I'll just try to eat less of them. :)

Alright guys, although this post wasn't very long, I hope you still enjoyed my "waiting for spring" jabbering a little bit - and I wish you a wonderful new week! :)


splish splash.


.. I was taking a bath .. Long about a Saturday night
A rub-a-dub, just relaxin' in the tub
Thinkin' everything was alright
Well, I stepped out the tub, put my feet on the floor
I wrapped the towel around me and I
Opened the door, and then I
Splish, splash... I jumped back in the bath.
Well how was I to know there was a party going on?

Aww, you gotta love that Bobby Darin song! :) I was singing that song all day long on Friday when I - after almost 10 years it seemed - actually took a bath! In the bathtub! With a lush soap! It was incredible! (And yes, I did take occasional showers in the past 10 years, don't worry) :) As it was very sunny outside that day I couldn't really decide at first whether to spend some time in the sun ...

... or to jump in the bath immediately .. 

Not a very hard decision, I really gotta say. :) I used Lush's christmas eve bubble bar wich includes a jasmine fragrance that smells incredible! My mum often puts those bubble bars into our closets to add a fresh scent to our clothes. Lovely. :) While reading an old issue of Instyle Magazine I relaxed in that tub like a pro and I'm pretty sure it won't be long 'till my next bubble bath experience! :)

Happy Sunday you guys! :)


thank you ever so much.


Hey there everyone! :) As promised, I will show you some of my birthday presents I got during the past week in today's blogpost, as they simply are too amazing as to not share them with you! I am usually not a present-person, as I prefer a nice card over loads of gifts. However, for my 23rd birthday - the present-giving didn't seem to stop at all, which was totally overwhelming for me and unexpected! If you're a frequent reader of Esthoria, you'll know that I don't just do a present haul,- I have to tell you the whole story of my weekend in pictures! :) So let's start, shall we?
On my birthday, February 5th, my bf brought me the most - and I am not exaggerating  - THE MOST beautiful flower bouquet I have ever seen! I was absolutely stunned by how amazing it was!

I'm so in love with the many different colours and flower types,- so wonderful! Besides the amazing bouquet, he also got me other sweet surprises that I already mentioned in last time's post. Crazy as he is, he didn't just leave it at that,- he also bought me a tripod for my camera,- saying that this present isn't for my birthday, it's a present for my new photography business! HOW. SWEET. :)

On Feburary 7th, I got invited to a lovely birthday brunch at my dear friend Anja's apartment. I was once again stunned by how much people seem to care about my birthday, as she had prepared such wonderful meals as a breakfast surprise just for me!

We had some mozarella with tomatoes, different kinds of cheese, prosciutto, buns, jam, oranges, eggs and muffins, while we were sipping on our delicious teas! 

Right next to my seat there was this cute present box full of little surprises! Who caught my eye first though was this little fella sitting in the box:

He's just so cute!! Look at him! I think I'm gonna call him Bernie. 

So Anja, once again, thanks so much for those really awesome presents and the effort you had put into making me an unforgettable birthday brunch! :)

Only a few hours later I was already off to another place to celebrate my birthday. My sister Conny and her hubby Clemens had invited me to come to their home and to grab something to eat in a nearby restaurant later. Clemens happily showed me all those new arrangement they'd made for the baby's room, and I really gotta say,- it's going to be super cute! :) I generally love their apartment as it is very modern and chic! 

Before we went do lunch, we did a little photoshoot of Conny's babybump. I really love that picture!

Since not only little Baby Girl, but also me, Clemens and Conny were awfully hungry, we grabbed our coats and headed towards the restaurant. 

For lunch Conny and I ordered fried chicken with potato salad and Clemens got himself fried Emmentaler! :) Oh, so healthy .. 

Afterwards, we ordered some dessert as well. Apple Crumble. :)

After this wonderful birthday dinner C&C brought me to the next tram station and I took the train home to the countryside. 

The next day we once again had a lovely lunch at home (all I do is eat, it's incredible ..)- and even my granny came to visit! :) As you can see up there, my babies took my place in bed as soon as I got out of it .. They're so sneaky .. :) 

So first, we started with some soup, followed by lasagna and finished our meal with some delicious apple tiramisu!

Amazing how I can actually be confused why I've been gaining so much wait lately .. I should just take a look at every single blogpost I write and voilà- there's the answer! Haha, but it's worth it, it's just too good! 

In the early afternoon my bf and I drove to a town nearby to take a long walk and later go to our favourite coffeeplace that's also a decoration and flower store!

The same weekend we just relaxed at home, played Scotland yard and .. what else, - ate! :) Well, actually I am now at the end of this blogpost, however I still didn't quite keep my promise of giving you an overview of  the presents I got. So here they are, (if you're still interested): Beware,- they're really cool! :)

A makeup/travel bag and new wallet from my parents (special thanks to you, mum!) :)

A flipper and a blender shaft, also from my parents! (I've been wanting those for years, however never wanted to spend money on kitchen supplies ..) :)

The content of my present box from Anja! (Excluding Bernie the Bear) :)

Chocolate from Mike! (Excluding the B&J Ice Cream which is still in the fridge. Well no, actually it's in my stomach.)

A whole DVD Box Set of Home Improvement from Mike's parents! :) 

An old camera from Conny that I'm excited to check out next week! :)

Beauty stuff from Mike's sister! :)

And finally, some chocolate and aromatic candle from Dr. Fritz and Hansi! :) Thanks a lot you guys!
Today I also met with Esther who got me something too!! Macaroons, a lush soap and drinking chocolate! :) I should be inspired by Blair from Gossip Girl sitting in her tub and enjoying some Macaroons! I really loved the idea, however .. the macaroons are already gone.. whoops! :)