let's go to the zoo.


Hey guys! :) Last Sunday I went to the zoo with my friend Tanja, who I had promised to go see the newly built polar bear cage, here at Zoo Schönbrunn in Vienna. It was a marvellous day full of sunshine, ice cream sessions and of course lots of cute animals!

Yes indeed, I was very tempted to take this little fella with me ... but I didn't. My love wasn't as strong as 19,90€. 

After the zoo I went to see my little niece and my sister Conny, who I brought a Starbucks surprise package filled with muffins, quiche and a magazine. That really was a lovely end to a very lovely day. :)


lazy sunday.


Hey guys! :) Yes, I know what you're gonna say now. "Lazy sunday? Seriously? She's used that kind of title like a million times already...!" And you know what: You're absolutely right. But what can I do? It WAS a lazy sunday, such a lazy sunday,- it would be a lie to use a different title for today's blogpost. But to maybe make it more appealing to you, I've just decided to show you some pictures of my entire weekend, so actually, it's not just about my lazy sunday. Enjoy!

On Friday, after I had come home from Vienna, I went over to Esther's place. When I got back to the trainstation in the early evening I was awestruck by the sight of the apocalypse-like-sky. Aware of the fact that there's been some heavy rain in the past few days here in Austria, I still wasn't equipped to see such a gruesome and terrifying cloud formation over my hometown. Luckily I made it to my boyfriend's home just in time before the big rainstorm hit. On Saturday Mike and I decided to do something productive and tried to make chocolate dipped strawberries and bananas. Easy, you say? Hoho NO. Not for us. Our first try pretty much backfired in every single way. Even though we had perfectly placed all our fruits on our newly bought wooden sticks ... 

... the chocolate glaze wasn't quite playing along as we had hoped. Since it was pretty viscous, we were like: "Hey, why not add some milk from the freezer?" So we did. Worst idea ever. After the addition of milk our glaze looked like this:

Disgusting, right? Since our glaze now resembled the appearance of dog poo, Mike said: "I'm gonna add some olive oil now. We can't make it worse, right?" Well, we did. Out of sheer frustration  we then added some more milk, which made the disaster perfect. Mike decided to head back to the supermarket while I tried to get rid of the mulch that was sticking in our pan. After he had come back we tried it once again - and believe it or not, we actually succeeded! Fantastic! :) 

In the evening I had to make myself ready for our good friend Thomas's birthday party. As a gift, Esther and I got him Starbucks coupons, a personalized card (of course) and our favourite book in the entire world (Vol. 1+2). For those of you who have never heard of "All my friends are dead" and "All my friends are still dead" yet, go to Amazon and buy it. Seriously. You cannot live without it. After hearing Thomas as his guests chuckle like kids while reading the books we were like: "Oh yeah, we rule. Best presents ever."

Alright and now - ladies and gentlemen - we've arrived at the point of today's blogpost that you've all been waiting for. Lazy Sunday. What characterizes a lazy sunday in my eyes is sleeping 'till noon and eating like a king. My mom - who's the best cook in the world - made us (the lazy ones) a huge variation of vegetables, salads and other things. Everything was simply delicious.

Mike's and my recent tradition - (that I came up with and he dislikes, I think) - is Movie Day! Sunday = Movie Day. Reasonable, right? Who doesn't want to lie in bed on Sunday and watch movies?

Well ... our choice yesterday was "The Glass House" which we didn't really watch for the plot, we much rather like to stare at the marvellous glass house architecture that's pretty much a main character in that movie.

Since the weather outside wasn't appealing enough to go outside and take a walk (at least that was my opinion and I hardly find a reason to be active) I talked Mike into watching another movie, by bringing him some coffee and dessert as an extortion. I guess, I'm one of the few people who enjoys watching "Kinsey", simply because that man's biography and work were the topics I chose to talk about at my A-levels in oral English. And his book was one of the very few ones I actually read from cover to cover. (Yes, I'm proud of that.)

When Mike left in the early evening I took the time to devote myself to a present I got on Saturday from Mike's mum. We went through some old pictures that day and suddenly she found this vintage Agfa Optima 1a camera from the 60ies lying in a shoebox. As she had absolutely no use for it she kindly gifted it to me, which I thought was absolutely sweet of her. I will definitely cherish it and keep it in good condition! :)

Well and that was it for today! Thanks for reading and enjoy the upcoming week! :)