H E Y   T H E R E   EV E R Y O N E!

First and foremost I would like to apologize for being M.I.A. the last couple of months. Saying that  it's been a busy time for me sounds like the oldest excuse in the history of mankind, I know, - it's even worse than "my dog ate my homework". But it really is true. While it sounds like complaining right now, I would like to emphasize that I'm extremely lucky to have a well-working photography business at the moment and I really enjoy my masters degree in art history, which is why I'm putting a little more effort in it than I used to before. So there you have it! November and December were quite stressful and since I simply couldn't force myself to go out on the street and take some pictures or write a funny story, I ended up posting absolutely nothing on Esthoria, which, indeed, is a shame. I apologize and hope you guys are still interested in our daily - more or less - adventures we would like to share with you on this blog. :) So now let's get back to the original title of today's comeback blogpost! Christmas! :)

To me, December 24th is always about family, being together, eating good food and enjoying each other's company. Unfortunately, this year there's been an unexpected twist. My dad had to go to the hospital to undergo an operation (everything's fine now)! and therefore even had to stay in the clinic on Christmas eve. It was weird sitting there with only mum and grandma, which, don't get me wrong, was nice too, but I definitely didn't feel cheery. What can be called cheerful was the next day, December 25th. My sister, her husband and their daughter Olivia had planned to visit my dad at the hospital, who we thought had to stay in there for another two days. You can only imagine our happy faces when all 4 of them surprisingly hopped out of the car in our courtyard,- as my dad's been released early to be with his family. We were so glad that everyone was there,- healthy and happy. In the end, that's all that matters, really.

Isn't Olivia the cutest? :)

Besides receiving many wonderful and thoughtful gifts this Christmas, I also put a lot of effort into the presents I chose for my family and friends. Some of my favourites were a Polaroid camera I got for my sister and her husband, a trip to Paris to my boyfriend and a self-made cartoon I made of Esther, characterizing her on 25 pages. I guess, she really loves it. Esther herself got me something absolutely astonishing, as she does every year,- this present however really made me speechless. It's a selfmade book of our San Francisco trip that we took two years ago in which she writes little articles about where we've eaten, where we've lived, where we've been ... It's amazing. Thank you very much for your gift, Esther, you're so talented.

I hope you guys have had a wonderful time with your beloved ones as well! -And since this will be the last blogpost this year, - Esthoria wishes you the best possible start to the New Year! :)