H I!  I' M  B A C K!

Hey there everyone! How you're all doing? :) As I had already mentioned in the latest blogpost, me and boyfriend were able to spend the past week in a wonderful 5-star resort in Burgas, Bulgaria. I've never been to Bulgaria before as I am used to visit countries like Italy or Greece for beach vacations. However, I must say, I don't think I've ever been in such a marvellous hotel before, except maybe once, in Greece. However, I didn't pay for it at that time and never thought that I'd be able to ever afford this kind of luxury by myself. Bulgaria's probably not the first holiday choice for many people, but I'm telling you - this place is really beautiful! Surely, I felt bad being surrounded by so much opulence and realizing every single night how much poverty there's going on in this country as well. In fact, we got to know this really nice girl at the beach, who works at a hot dog stand, who told us a little bit of her life, her wishes and plans. Her greatest desire is to move to another country like Germany, find work there and earn more than just 10€ a day. It makes me sad to realize how little chances she might get in life to turn everything around and make her dreams come true. It is a priviledge to be able to find work that you really love and care about, to travel, to see the world, to enjoy life. I realized that once again.
Alright, but now I'm losing track of the original plans I had with this blogpost ... Let's look at some pictures, shall we? You'll see a ton of photos I took of our hotel, the pool area, the beach, the restaurant food and much more. Enjoy! :)

Thank you for this incredible week, Burgas.

Not enough? - Watch the video as well: 

(Warning! You're gonna see a lot of scary toes, men in speedos and other threats to the eye - besides pretty things such as the beach). Just sayin'. 

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