we want summer!

.. or at least spring! can you hear us, mother hulda? PLEASE! it's been such a long and cold winter and it does not seem to stop. we guess that right now that's a common problem here in europe. however, instead of complaining all the time we should wish and hope and .. look at some photos of our summer-travel-experiences for inspiration. :) 


because of the easter holidays that are happening in austria right now and the thereof resulting boredom taking over our minds, we've decided to do a small photoshoot. the 'model' was vicky and it only took us .. like .. 3 hours to finally get a pic where neither of us had to laugh or cry or where esther wiggled the camera.

so we mostly took pictures of esther's room..

however, in the end, the shoot was quite successfull. at least that's what we think. :) what about you?