happy easter everyone!

vienna, we're back.

hello guys! :)

after waiting a long, long, long time to finally step out of our apartments again, after having to bear an extremely cold, unpleasant and never-ending wintertime here in vienna, we were finally able to shake the seven layers of blankets off from our bodies and got out of bed! aware of the fact that we might risk the usual windswept hairstyle-look, smudgy make-up stains all over our face and frozen hands that felt like falling off, we still dared to leave the house and hit the town again! and by 'town' we mean vienna. and by 'hit' we mean to walk around..
so we PACKED OUR BAGS, CLOSED THE DOORS BEHIND US AND ... well... went to nearest café since we still couldn't stand the cold, no matter how hard we tried. driven by the feeling of starvation (and that's a very common feeling for us) we decided to order some lovely bagels, one tuna/sourcrout and one mozzarella/tomato bagel. aren't they a sight for sore eyes?


after pleasing our stomachs we took the tram to a fantastic little foodstore called 'bobby's'. the shop offers many different products from england and america, including cadbury chocolate and snapple juice. even in vienna it's quite rare to get to buy these kinds of products, so we seized the opportunity.. for more information go to bobby's.at
even though we immediately returned back to our beds after coming home, it was still a nice and adventurous day. :)