happy halloween.


October 31st. The day I've been waiting for. All this time. Well, not all this time, let's say since the beginning of October. In the vain hope that someone might turn my pathetic workday in the museum around (10am-9pm) by simply getting me out of it, picking me up from my apartment, putting a funny costume over my head and go trick or treating with me. Yes, even if it would have been in Vienna, I wouldn't have cared. But no. No, it also didn't happen this year. Once again I will not celebrate this highly commercial and quite frankly unnecessary - yet supposedly highly entertaining day with anyone but myself. In my apartment. Alone. After work. Alone. Bored. 
Well, that's the way the cookie crumbles, I guess.

Oh, and, btw- I am aware of the fact that the picture above is a screenshot from Harry Potter,- (for all of you guys who don't know,- I don't care for Harry Potter. At all. Whoops, there just went 30 of our readers..) But that decoration is really nice and gets me in a Halloween mood. :)
HOWEVER THOUGH, I must not only moan and groan about the bad stuff,- there was one moment today that made my stinky non-halloweeny-day (is that a word?) marvellous. Esther and her sister came to visit me in the museum in the early evening and Esther actually brought me .. you're never gonna believe it .. - MY VERY OWN TRICK OR TREAT SWEETS!!

It was so sweet, I almost cried! Oh, why am I pretending,- I CRIED :)! It was so lovely, I immediately had to paint something for them in return to at least thank them with something more long-lasting than a spoken thank you! So here it is. My marvellous "toothless mumok pumkin for Esther and Samira". It's a masterpiece, I must say.

 Considering that my first version of the toothless pumkin looked like this ...

... I have enhanced my artistic skills at the second drawing, I really must say.

Well. While most of you guys are probably out on the streets, at a friend's party enjoying some intentionally prepared Halloween finger food or simply carving a pumpkin, - I have also planned a whole lot for my Halloween evening alone in Vienna.

Are you ready? Brace yourselves!- Here's my super fancy Halloween Menu:

A half empty package of Fizzers.

Yeah. And that's pretty much it. I'm pathetic. 

Alright. Now if you'll excuse me, I have plannend a whole busy night of doing absolutely nothing on this special day. However, I might even watch a movie.. I'm not quite sure which one. No, that's a lie, I know exactly wich one. As the evening couldn't get any more pathetic, I've decided to watch that one Jennifer Aniston movie I have never seen before. Leprechaun. No idea HOW ridiculous it actually is, but I guess, I'll find out in a few hours.

Happy Halloween to me!! YAY! :)


the past few days.

Hello everybody! :) As you might have already noticed, I'm again in a quite stressful phase due to university, wherefore I hadn't been able to post a lot in the past days.. Last week  and the week before I had been spending most of my time learning for an exam that I took on Thursday. Hopefully, it went quite well! Last weekend I decided to relax a little bit and pursue one of my favourite things- taking a million photos of my surroundings and annoying everybody with it. After I had left Vienna on Friday morning and had come home to the countryside I decided to step out of the house and take some pictures of our garden. I once again have to say- I absolutely adore autumn. I just do. Everything looks so pretty,- but I guess also mostly because my mum spends so much time decorating our garden real nicely. :)

The weekend before I still had to learn for my exam- and this is the place I have found to be the most inspiring and motivating: The couch in our wintergarden! It looks so cozy, doesn't it?

While taking a break from learning I read an interesting article about Peggy Guggenheim ..

For lunch we had some lovely soup, a main course and of course- dessert!

Since my boyfriend and I couldn't find any more motivation to keep on learning, we decided to take a little walk through the neighbourhood.

Autumn's just the best, isn't it? .. Well, on our way home I wanted to show Mike some nice villas and houses that are located outside the center of the city. So we went around in this housing complex when all of a sudden this little fella jumped out of the bushes (literally) and ran towards us! At first we thought that he wanted to protect his street by threatening us with his terrifying glance... 

... however, .. he then instantly made it clear that he just wanted to be cuddled. I usually detest cats but this one was really cute, I must say. :)

After we had gotten home we got ourselves some tea and cake. 

On monday, -back in the city- I needed some nourishment for my nerves in order to get on with my studies, so I bought this fantastic chocolate bar from Meinl (Esther and my favourite food-store) and indulged in some leftover plums my mom gave to me the day before. Yumm........... :)

That week wasn't particularly exciting as I didn't do much besides learning and working. I went back to the countryside a little earlier that week and spent the evening like most of my evenings.- Watching Boy Meets World and eating some snacks. :)

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I went to IKEA and later did some shopping in a big shopping mall near Vienna. We found some great bargains, had a lovely meal and met some friends we hadn't seen in a long time. :) It was quite lovely! The rest of the weekend was characterized by us lying around, eating, watching TV and preparing university stuff for next week. That was pretty much it. Oh, well no!- Actually I forgot something! :)- On Sunday Esther and I met up with some of our oldest and best friends for Esther's and Lisa's delayed birthday party. Even though we don't really see each other alltogether very often anymore, due to work, university and so on,- we still stick to our one important tradition- and that is to celebrate everyone's birthday (even if it is coupled, like in this case) during the year. We usually meet up at the birthday girl's house and eat "traditional food" that we've always been eating at the particular houses since we were very young. My mum recently told me that she thinks that we're getting a little too old for that, however I totally disagree. It's always nice meeting up with your friends at.. like.. your apartment.. but it's much more fun to stick to the tradition and meet at the family house on the countryside and celebrate there. It's much more fun that way and brings back old memories. :) At least that's what we think- and we're definitely trying to keep that tradition as long as we can. :)

Have a nice week, you guys! :)


autumn hike.


On Saturday last week I went hiking with my grandmother again. It was beyond amazing! Even the very steep trail was made bearable by the lovely sight of changing leaves. It was a good thing that my camera battery was empty because of Vicky and my photoshooting because otherwise my grandmother and I still wouldn't be down from the mountain - I would have taken a picture of everything. Every leaf on the ground, every tree and cloud. However, I was able to take some pictures with my handy-camera (which has very poor quality).

Halfway up, there was little place with a bench where you could just sit and enjoy the view.

Our destination: the Bodenwiese.

There was a little alpine cabin where you could get some food but my grandmother and I decided to just sit in the grass by some tree, eat our snack and drink some tea we brought with us from home which turned out to be a very good decision. I don't know why but the most ordinary snacks taste like a glorious feast when you're sitting in the grass on a mountain, surrounded by silence.

When we were hiking down we even found some mushrooms which we took back home with us and had for lunch. The mushroom on the picture below however, is a fly agaric, which is poisonous and therefore obviously not the mushroom we took with us. I just thought it looked cute :)