the sleepover.


Hey guys! :) Last weekend my parents and I drove to Vienna to do some shopping and to pick up my sister Conny, who spent two days at home with us on the countryside. But let me tell you the whole story:

On Friday, on the way to Vienna, I was going through the scripts for my art history exam that I had to take yesterday whilst listening to inspirational music. :) Even though the weather forecast stated that it would be sunny and warm outside, it was quite the opposite actually- extremely foggy to be exact.

But still, no one could ruin our Vienna shopping day! As we got out of the car at the parking garage my parents went straight to Kärtner Straße while I had to stop by the university library first to drop off some books I needed for my bachelor thesis.

As soon as I got out of the building I realized that the sun was shining - almost as if  it was celebrating my relief of the strain on the heavy books I was carrying before! How lovely! :) After getting rid of my heavy burden I directly went to H&M, Mango and Zara to take a look at the new spring collections. (I honestly hadn't gone shopping for almost 3 months now, so it was an utterly exciting experience for me!)

I didn't really buy that much except a long blue dress for summer and the white top you can see on the next picture down below! :) The picture of me in the changing room- looking like a deer caught in the headlights (I know) - shows my decision-making-inability whether to buy the trousers I was wearing or not. Even though I loved them I went for the "better not, you look like a whale"-answer as I really did feel like those pants were not exactly flattering my womanly curves, especially not my posterior. So to say. Oh and yes- my hair's a little shorter - emphasis on LITTLE - as I wanted to cut them MUCH shorter. I wanted a bob, as you might know. But someone, and by SOMEONE I mean my boyfriend, was highly unsatisfied with my wish of getting short hair, so I made a compromise of cutting only the worst part of it- unfortunately the ombre part - and now I'm at least happy to have healthy hair again. For some reason though my hair looks much longer in that picture up there, as it actually is shorter in reality?

After our shopping spree we drove to Conny's and Clemens' apartment to look at the new baby's room,- which already looks really cute, I gotta say, and to pick up my sister. We then went back to the car and drove to one of our favourite 'Heurigen' in Sooss where we ordered ourselves some yummy food. 

Baby Girl Russ was already really, really hungry!

After finishing our meals we went home and relaxed a little bit in our wintergarden. - You may not know it - but, as we are probably one of the most voracious people on the planet, we of course continued eating as soon as we had gotten home. 

I mean, honestly,- how- HOW can you say no to that?

In the later evening, Conny, me, mom and dad watched a video of me and Conny when we were children,- I especially love that scene when my sister is reading to me and I start repeating every single thing she says. It is so cute! :)

Before I was off to my boyfriend's place, Conny and I still watched some episodes of FRIENDS- which is one of our rituals whenever we're together! :) In honor of the occasion - Conny being pregnant - we of course had to watch the 8th season when Rachel is pregnant as well. We really had a blast! :)

Oh, and- believe it or not - it didn't take long for us to get hungry again. :)

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