waiting for mr. chimney.


Oh yes. Today is one of those - "getting up really early in the morning to do absolutely nothing but sit around and wait" - kind of days, or as I like to call it: Kehrtag. Translation: Kehrtag is the one day of the year where the chimney sweep pays the Austrian population a visit to check their chimneys, boilers and stuff. And today it's our building's turn. Even though getting up at 6:40am is like .. one of the biggest challenges for me, -(I'm a student, after all), - there definitely are some advantages, I really must say. First of all, you've got more hours to fill your day with. I for example have seized the opportunity of getting up real early to actually make myself some breakfast (which I never do) which consisted of a soft-boiled egg, toast and tea. I just realized how much I adore eggs, especially when they're still runny..! Lovely!

Now I am actually still waiting for my hot date in black uniform to come, so I figured, why not take pictures of my apartment in the meantime and post them on Esthoria .. 

Since I don't have to work today, I decided to spend my day at IKEA, after Mr. chimney sweep has checked my apartment. Most likely, I will also pay a visit to the shopping mall right next to it, so beware .. there'll probably be a little shopping haul coming up in the next post. I'm not really able to spend a lot of money at the moment, so I'd probably better stay away from Zara and co. but I figured .. a quick look never hurt anybody .. :)

Alright guys, so I'll hopefully be able to be on my way to furniture paradise soon and I really hope that you have a lovely day as well! :)

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