birthday party.


Hey guys!! :) 
First things first: I just realized that the last post that we published is about 2 weeks old and I honestly didn't even recognize how fast time flew by. So sorry for not providing you with new, highly anticipated - (I'm sure )-, Esthoria stories! :) So let's get started right away by telling you how Esther and I had spent the last Saturday night.
As you might already know, Esther and I are part of a wonderful group of old friends that come together 5-6 times a year to celebrate each other's birthday. Mostly we combine birthdays when two of us celebrate our birthday in the same month. Nina and I, for example, use to celebrate at her home, however this time we got to stay at my family's house and we had a lovely day filled with delicious food, presents and much laughter of course. As we don't see each other as often as we'd like, we always have a blast when we reunite and there simply are too many new stories to tell, so it's hard to pass on all the information in just one evening. Unfortunately though, this time, Lisa and Julia couldn't be there due to their current studies abroad in Copenhagen.


As soon as everyone had arrived we gathered around the dining table and couldn't wait to indulge in our traditional afternoon cake. 

To give you a little glimpse at our menu - we started out with my mom's tasty nutella cake,- which in our group is also called "orgasm cake", due to the heavy breathing and groaning that takes place during the eating-process. Haha! :) It's just so delicious!!  .. Yes, we're silly and we know it!

Here's Lisa M. giving me an angry look because of my seemingly endless and annoying photo-documentation of the day.

Here's my dad trying to escape my all-seeing camera lense. He didn't succeed though, so he gave in and waved.

After our little coffee klatch we went back up to my room to exchange gifts. 

As usual, I wished for my favourite perfume - however there were a few other sweets gifts given to me as well, which totally suprised me! Nina got a horse-print bagpack, a book, a game and a cheesecake as well as a personalized horse-card (it's her own horse that decorates the cover). :) 

I as well got an incredibly cool card which was made by Esther with the help of her dad who's a typographer. I was so in awe of it and immediately fell in love with it (while chewing my hair, it seems)! 

Later that evening we went back downstairs and had some delicious mini-quiches filled with leek and bacon, spinach and salmon and some others with ham.

And afterwards we indulged in some chocolate-dipped strawberries! All of the listed specialties were created by my mom,- so THANKS AGAIN mum, as always, you did a wonderful job! :)

After dinner we headed back up to my room and the feast, of course, continued. 

 (This is me doing a shocked "we bought too much candy" - look)

We also got to hang out with Julia via Skype and she got to show us the preparation of her dinner.

Oh and - let me introduce to you - ROMUALD. One of the loves of my life. He wanted to skype with Julia as well.

Shortly before midnight everyone went home and I started cleaning up the room while happily grinning at the lovely presents I got from my even lovlier friends! I know that's cheesy but it's true! I really love my friends and I hope that you do too! :) 

PS: We're planning to do a little video of the clips we recorded that day too, so stay tuned! 

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