let's go to the mall.

Hey guys! :) As I had told you in the latest post, I spent my whole day at IKEA yesterday morning and later went to check out some other stores as well. Remember when I said I wasn't gonna buy anything and I don't really have a lot of money to spend right now .. well .. only one of those statements is true. And I'm pretty sure you can guess which one.
At IKEA, I mainly bought frames for my boyfriend's office, a notebook with supercute post-its .. 

.. a tray and some sweets (of course)! How could I possibly resist? 
Well .. as soon as I had placed the sweet treats on the tray though, I had attracted the attention of a fluffy friend of mine .. who once AGAIN ..

.. stole my IKEA hazelnut chocolate bar!! Can you believe it? Well.. what you're gonna do .. 

After mission frame-purchase was completed, I was actually planning on going home (in order to spare myself the monthly drama of opening the visa envelope and going "What? When the hell did I ever go to Lush that month?! .. Oh wait .. Right." So I figured, it would be best to just take the tram home .. HOWEVER .. that didn't happen. You wouldn't have guessed, right? It was totally not obvious.

I mainly went to Primark,- which, I have to say, I don't feel good about. I always get the worst feeling entering a store like that, where skirts, t-shirts and shoes are in the same price category as ice cream, apples and chewing gum. It's just ridiculous. At these low prices, how can any factory worker even make an eighth of a decent payment these days? It's really disturbing, I must say. I've already thought about the topic child labour and poor working conditions a lot and just checking the internet reassures me, that there's barely one (fashion) store out there that hasn't had a record of child labour or exploitation of factory workers.
Naturally, Primark has stated  that they have stopped using Indian suppliers that use slave labour. However, it remains to be seen whether this is actually true, or whether they have just moved the problem elsewhere. The whole thing really makes me angry, especially since I freakin love Primark and the stuff there's just awesome. So now, here's my Primark haul:

I got 2 new bags:

A striped cropped shirt:

A white long blouse:

A black long skirt: 

A phone/card holder case:

Some socks:

And some darn cute wrapping paper:

Alrighty. I didn't go anywhere else except KIKO,- which is a make-up brand from Milan that I really love. I got the following items:

Alright and that was it! :) I was truly exhausted when I came home yesterday and went straight to bed and ate tons of butter toast while laughing about an episode of Home Improvement,- but I have to say, I really enjoyed my shopping day. Ha, that rimes!

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