vienna coffee date.


Yesterday evening, after I had finished my work at the museum, me and my art history colleagues met up at a nice cafe in Vienna with our seminar professor who had initiated our little coffee date. When he first proposed the idea, we were all like "What? Why? Oh, to talk about our bachelor thesis grades?" And he was like: "What? No. Just .. for fun!" And then there was this long silence and confused faces staring at each other, so he went: "Oh, but if you don't want to, we don't have to ..!" And we were like: "Oh no we would love to, don't get us wrong!!"
Indeed, the sad truth is that the last thing an art history (and not only art history, I'm sure) student would expect to hear from a professor is the offer of getting to know each other better outside university. Why would anyone actually be interested in that, we thought, so our professor's lovely proposal was immediately misinterpreted but then, of course, happily accepted. At University of Vienna, I believe, something like that is quite uncommon,- a professor making time for his students in his private life to talk about anything and everything,- just like that, you know. We were really smitten with him anyway but this initiative made me admire him even more.
(Btw,- I don't usually carry my camera around at work, I just had to take a few pictures of the current exhibition as a project I'm working on for my admission exam at a photography college in Vienna! So that's why there's a selfie of me in the MUMOK elevator. I just had to go for it. :) ) - And speaking of selfies at work, - the positive feedback on the following photo that ment to mainly depict my affection for coffee, has once again reassured me that my newest shoe-purchase was definitely one of the smartest ideas I had in months. So thanks to you F21, thank you for making my feet look good.

Later that day, as I was walking around the city towards the coffee house I once again realized how much I love Vienna. It is such a beautiful and fascinating city filled with incredible architecture. You simply gotta love it.

I didn't take any pictures from inside the coffee house though, as I didn't want to annoy my colleagues with the endless clicking of my camera. We really had a fantastic and fun time and I hope to see these wonderful people again soon. :)

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