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Hey there people! :) A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I booked a flight to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. 

I can't tell how much I'm looking forward to this trip as travelling really is one of my biggest passions. However, as beautiful as the whole topic of travelling actually is - there's still the one most important part that pretty much overshadows any kind of happiness or anticipation I feel about going to another country. It's the getting-there-part. Since Italy isn't exactly far away from Austria, it is totally possible, or let's say advisable to go there by train or car. However, due to the fact that in our case the plane tickets were much cheaper than the train tickets, we chose the first option. And for me, that can only mean one thing: 

Seriously, I'm like the worst person to take flights with, as I am usually always going like this when there's a friend with me on the plane:

V: Oh my god. Keep calm. Keep calm. Keep calm. Everything's alright. You can do it.
(Doors closing)
V: Don't cry. Don't cry. Don't cry.
(Me starting to cry)
V: I said don't cry!!
(Motor starting)
V: Dear god, we're all gonna die. I can feel it. We're gonna die. We are going to die.
F: We're all gonna die one way or the other.
V: That's not helping! I don't wanna die know! Not on this plane!
F: Even if we crash, you won't even feel a thing! (Many people have told me that before and honestly, what are they thinking when they say something like that to a nervous wreck like me?)
V: How is this helping??
F: In no way, but I think it's funny.
V: Alright, give me your hand.
F: What? Why?
V: Give me your hand!!
F: Alright.
(Me holding hands with my friend while the plain starts to take off)
V: This is it, I can feel it. This is it. I didn't even get a chance to write my personal memoir.
(Plane taking off)
V: Oh god, I'm fainting, I am fainting, I've lost the will to live.
F: Just relax.
F: Try.
V: What kind of stupid advise is th --
(Suddenly a weird noise)
V: Dear god, WHAT WAS THAT?
F. Ugh, just the motor exploding. 

Well, you get the image, right? I'm a nervous wrack when entering a plane. Or just standing in front of it. Or seeing it through the glass window of the waiting hall. Or hearing people talk about how they can't wait to get on the plane - I'd honestly like to manically shake them and yell "you've GOT to be kidding. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING?!" But hey. I've gotten much cooler about the whole plane-ride subject, as  last summer I had to take the plane ALL BY MYSELF (a round of applause please) to London. Without dying. Or crying. Well no, I cried a little bit, but that's alright. Out of sheer happiness when leaving the plane and stepping on solid ground again. I seriously always want to hug people inside the airport shuttle bus and scream "We're alive! ALIVE!" But I figure, they'd call me crazy, so I always restrain my enthusiasm and just grin. Like a crazy person. Lovely. 

Alright, now back to the actual topic of this blogpost! :) Even though I've already been to Florence before, in 2006, I can't really remember much of it. Back then my biggest concern was how far away the next ice cream store was and why there weren't more shops around that sell cheap headbands. It's a shame I really gotta say. If I had known back then that I would have turned out to be an art history student.. well.. then I probably wouldn't have cared anyway and went on buying ice cream and headbands. But still. What a shame. And then I asked myself the question -

What are the 10 things I cannot wait to do when I'm in Italy?

1) Eat.

I mean, of course, what else? Three words that automatically pop into my head whenever I hear the word Italy are pizza, pasta, gelato, lasagna, tiramisu, parmigiano, risotto ..- oh wait,- that's more than 3! Ah, what the heck .. prosciutto, olives, chiabatta, mozzarella ..

2) Well and for that matter - Drink - as well. 

Do I even have to describe to you what drinking a nice glass of wine or aperol while sitting in the summer sun feels like? I guess not. :) 

3) Explore the city.

Even if I've been to a certain city before, it's always an adventure to go there again, as there's always something new to discover as well.

4) Go to museums.

Yes, the art history student is speaking. Not necessarily to an art museum- (however if you're in one of the ultimate cities that are birthplace to the Renaissance, like Florence,- you kinda have to)! A museum's always a fantastic place to get an overlook of what characterizes the place you're at in one way or the other. I personally cannot wait to go to the Uffizi Gallery again! :)

5) Buy souvenirs.

Oh yeah. Those crappy, unnecessary and overly tacky always-the-same souvenirs, you say? Yes. I love them. But no, I don't buy them for people I know - they've got better taste than that,- I just buy them for me. For others I usually always get some soaps, oils, sweet treats and so on .. and I figure, since we're going to Tuscany we might find one or two things when we're there. :)

6) Enjoy the sun/ocean.

In my opinion, -even if it's winter - the sun in Italy is so much more beautiful than in any other place around the world. I always prefer going to Italy in the spring or summer-time as it is much nicer to take walks around the city during that time of year. And of course, in combination with the Adriatic coast the sun shines even more beautiful! :) 

7) Listen to people talk italian.

Nowadays it's a rare thing to come across people who actually talk italian in touristy places like Rome, Florence or Venice. Honestly, whenever I'm at Piazza San Marco I feel like never having left Austria in the first place, due to the many souvenir hat-wearing, pigeon-feeding and sunburnt german speaking people surrounding me, wanting me to take their picture while wearing their overly attractive white socks and sandals. But usually, if you're in a less crowded place, at a nice café 'round the corner, you'll definitely be able to experience the daily conversations of the city's habitants. 

8) Take pictures.

A very important part of exploring a city has to do with taking pictures as well. At least for me. The sound of my camera klicking is like the sound of my very own heartbeat (my god, how cheesy) - while for my companions it's the most annoying, exhausting and nerve-wrecking sound that eventually ruin their perfect moment of enjoyment. So once again, I apologize to all of you out there who have already experienced my nasty photography addiction. There's no way I'll stop that, however, so .. sorry again. :)

9) Visit the markets.

On of the many other highly enjoyable things when you're in Italy is visiting the beautiful markets, of course. The smell of fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers is pretty much the best smell there is! :)

10) Last but not least- Relax.

Dolce far niente. The sweetness of doing nothing. After all, that's one of the things that Italy's most known for. :)

See you soon, Florence! :)

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