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No new blogposts? Nothing new to tell? Have they gone missing? What the hell's going on on Esthoria? If those are the questions you've been asking yourself lately, I can reassure you- we've not gone MIA, we've just been busy! :) Also, there's not much to tell these days, Esther has been working a lot due to her museum internship and I am currently studying for one of my last exams at university and writing my second BA thesis. You can feel my motivation, right? Well, it's not so bad really. Actually it was kinda nice- this week I decided to stay on the countryside to focus on my studies. I got up in the morning, did some learning, then my mom came home from work and we sat in the sun after lunch while drinking aperol and tanning a little bit! Lovely! :) Also, my current exam topic is the Taj Mahal which is nice to learn about while enjoying the wonderful warmth of sunbeams on your face, I really gotta say. What else did I do this past weekend and week besides learning you ask?- Well, here it goes: 

On Sunday, as usual, we had a yummy lunch prepared by my mom and afterwards watched the last few competitions of the Olympics on TV. (I honestly couldn't care less for the Olympics,- and as an Austrian it is shameful to say that skiing, ski jumping or any other kinds of sporting activities including snow are all in the same way irrelevant to me.) But since this is the only sportive competition that Austrians are actually doing good at, it was obligatory for me to at least watch some of the most important races.

The day before I got a late birthday present from one of my dear friends Steffi, who got me this fantastic nailpolish set, a box of chocolates and a heartwarming written message that even made me cry! :)

Aww.. Lovely! :) Thanks again so much Steffi, I've never owned an Essie nailpolish before and I gotta say- I absolutely love it! However, shortly after I had unpacked the box of chocolates it seemed to have gone missing .. 

Whoa! No- there it is!! My babies are even more greedy than me .. Shocker .. I really trained them, well ..
Well, speaking of babies .. on Friday Mike and I went to IKEA as he is currently redoing his workspace at home and therefore had to tidy out everything he didn't need anymore including files, furniture, decoration .. and .. oh .. it's hard to say it out loud even now .. HIS PLUSHY FRIENDS! (No Esther, you don't have to go on reading, I know you're rolling your eyes right now) - But listen! It's a tragedy!! 

Mike and my conversation went pretty much like this:

Me: "Alright, so almost everything in here has been cleaned out. What's under that blanket over there?
Mike: "Ughh.."
Me: "What? What's under there?"
Mike: "Ugghh.."
Me: "Are you hiding something? What is that??"
Mike: "Ugghhh..."
Me: "Oh my god! (me running towards the hidden pile, pulling the blanket away and screaming) You wanted to throw out your babies? You wanted to kill them?? Let the bulk garbage track take them!?!?"
Mike: "Ughhh. Yeah."
Mike: "Don't really care."
Me: (Crying) "I can't believe you? I'm gonna take them with me!! I am shocked!" 
Mike: "Uh-huh."
Me: My god, just think of it- if hadn't looked under that pile, they would have been thrown out! Are there any more of them in this house that you want to throw away?!"
Mike: "Uggh .."
Mike: "Ermm.."
Me: "WHERE?"
Mike: "In the garden."
Me: (me running downstairs, going through all the garbage bags and rescuing 3 more babies from their ultimate demise) "Are those all? A mouse, another mouse and a dino?"
Mike: "Yeah, that's all."
Me: "Really!?"
Mike: "Yeah, really."

Alright, that's pretty much the whole story. We took them with us to my mom who then took them to the second hand store and now they are hopefully on their way to Caritas or to other deserving kids who might want to cuddle with some new plushy friends. I hope everyone's happy now! :) - And guys, I know you're gonna call me crazy, but that's just who I am. I am crazy. End of story.

Alright! I will now return to my studies, if you'll excuse me and maybe later try out the new stuff I got when I visited the pharmacy yesterday! (My friend's mother works there so she's always extra generous)! :) 

Have a lovely day you guys! :)

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