o spring, where art thou?


Hello, guys! :) Last weekend Esther and I did a little photoshoot (which she will tell you about in our next post). This photoshoot actually made me realize something. My hair is long. Very long. Too long, in fact. For some reason I kind of forgot to go to the hairdresser once in a while,- the last time I went was about a year ago, I guess. But since I don't colour or style my hair in any way, it stayed healthy for a quite a while. But now, a little change would be kinda nice. Spring is coming (not yet, but I can feel it!!), I have those really rare and weird longings of actually cleaning my aparment (weird, indeed),- which tells me that it must be spring soon .. and last night, I cleaned out my entire wardrobe, since I'm sick of those grey-ish, brown-ish colours in there! Currently, I'm hunting for colourful, bright happy colours in Vienna's stores, but so far, my hunt wasn't very prosperous. I guess, I have no other choice than to order them online, however, I have to save a lot of money at the moment due to my photography business (in the making). Grr. Alright, so my plan has flaws, I admit it. But hey, with a new 'do, I figured, my current clothes will look better on me anyway! :) Alright- now back to the actual title of this blogpost! 
Spring! I cannot wait for spring! Can you? Waking up to your open window in the mornings, the sun shining on your face, birds chirping, the smell of flowers entering your nose as you step outside .. (not if you live in the city though .. damn). Aww. But still, lovely. 

Alright, so what do I do to prepare myself for spring?

Get a fresh/new look. Whether it's a new hairstyle or a cool necklace that peps up my outfit, or clothes for that matter, - it's never wrong to brighten up your appeareance from time to time. Here are my personal spring fashion must-haves and hair-'dos:

Room/apartment- cleaning and redocorating! There's nothing better than a fresh and clean home with a touch of colour. Whether it's flowers, new pillows or cute deco elements - it's pretty simple to pep up your room by changing only small things! Here are a few DIY's I found on pinterest and really adore:

toilet paper rolls!

Change your desktop background. 

'Cause after all, we do spend a lot of time staring at that thing one way or the other. Here are some cool sites that offer free wallpapers:

Well, at least those are the 3 things that I'm about to do in the next couple of days .. Oh, and:

Eat healthier and drink more water. That's really my aim as I  haven't been feeling very well during the past few months, due to eating loads of chocolate, meat, greasy sauces etc. - don't get me wrong, I love all of those, but I'll just try to eat less of them. :)

Alright guys, although this post wasn't very long, I hope you still enjoyed my "waiting for spring" jabbering a little bit - and I wish you a wonderful new week! :)

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