birthday girl.


Hey there guys! :) Guess what..! Today's my birthday! And since I don't have anything else to do than lie in bed, eat massive loads of chocolate and dwell on the past, I figured .. why not write another little blogpost? It's been way too long since my last few posts, to be true, but there was way too much to do in the past few weeks. 
First of all - and you're never gonna believe it - I finally finished my Bachelor Thesis I and got an A! I wept and cried when I opened the Email from my professor who basically told me that I'm very talented and that my work is impressive. Impressive? The only memorable things my university professors had ever told me about my writing were "where's the meta level?" and "that thesis doesn't really suit me". And honestly, after all those years, I still don't have a clue what they wanted from me. But hey! Seems like I'm not such an untalented art history student after all .. How nice to know. :)
Alright, second thing I'd like to tell you - and that one's really on the top-notch-news list .. since two days ago I am officially a professional photographer! :) Well, at least in legal terms! In Austria it is quite hard to get a photography licence without graduating from a design- or photography college. Since 2014, however, anyone can get that license without professional qualification, which of course isn't an ideal conditon, I admit, but for me it opens the way to finally legally conduct my greates passion in life. :) As this hobby of mine now turned into an actual job, I'll have to put more effort into advertising my work and let more people know about it. I am currently working on a new concept for my photography page and some design ideas for my business cards. It's all very exciting, but a lot of work as well!

Alright, now back to my birthday plans. :) We already celebrated my birthday on Sunday, when the whole family was together,- except of my granny who understandably wanted to stay at home due to the icy streets in our neighbourhood. Seriously, our courtyard resembled an ice skating rink. It was too dangerous to go outside, so we just stayed home and ate birthday cake (always the same one for years)! :) 

Today, however, I didn't do much except getting up in the morning.. 

.. visiting my mom at work (there'll be an extra blogpost about that) and working on my photography page. I'll definitely keep you posted on the developments of that topic, if you're interested of course. And that was pretty much it. Oh- except my boyfriend just stopped by with some lovely flowers and my favourite chocolates (Oreos, Cookies, Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough Ice Cream)! Yummm! :) I'll definitely do an extra blogpost about my presents on the weekend. :)
Well and currently I am going through some old pictures and moments of the past 23 years that I have lived on this planet. With the fear of seeming highly narcissistic now, I would like to share some of my favourites with you!

Vicky Posch. A life in pictures. Enjoy. (Or maybe not).

Alrighty, now if you'll excuse me, I will return to my boyfriends that are waiting for me in bed. Ben and Jerry. (I so copied that line from Bridget Jones ..) ;P

Have a nice day you guys! :)

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