✈ what's in my london bag?


Hi guys :)

Tomorrow I'm off to London and I thought, why not make a "what's in my bag" blog post? So here it is - an overview of what I packed into my handbag and suitcase for my big travel. 


Passport! Really, really important. I always check on having my passport with me about 30 times before, during and after my journey. 

Travel Documents! Such as Flight Number, Hotel Reservation, Bus/Train/Subway Connections, Map and so on ..

Wallet and money! That one's not worth mentioning, I know. :) But I just always put that on my Check List as well! 

IPod! Honestly, you guys- last week when I was going to Vienna on Monday I forgot my Ipod at home and first realized it when I was already on the train. It's almost ridiculous how "naked" I felt without music in my ears and how crazy it drove me to be without earplugs for  4 days. That'll definitely teach me a lesson never to forget my Ipod again! :)

Cellphone! Also,- no need of explanation here. 

Umbrella! I guess, especially in Great Britain I might be needing that thing a little more frequently than in Austria. 

Magazine! Even though I'll probably buy a million other magazines at the Duty Free Shop at the airport, I'll still take one of my current readings with me anyway. 

Beauty Stuff! 
- Lipstick/ChapStick! To stay fresh and to keep my lips soft and colourful, I always take some Lipstick or Labello (as we call a ChapStick 'round here) :) with me. 
-Nailpolish! That one's actually one of the most unimportant things in my bag- (I should probably put it in my suitcase- not in my handbag when I'm at the airport)! Lately, I've had this outstanding talent of somehow ruining my freshly applied nailcolor all the time, by simply cracking my nails while touching something, so that's why I always like to reapply the nailcolor immediately after - since the sight of an undone nail would be quite disturbing for me otherwise. My god, I sound superficial.
-Perfume! I always carry a perfume bottle around in my bag, just in case I urgently need it or simply want to refresh myself after the flight. I still have to check the regulation page for fluids on the Ariport website to make absolutely sure that my parfum doesn't contain too much liquid inside.

Sunglasses! Sunglasses never hurt anyone. Even if there's no sun in sight, I still like to put on some sunglasses to cover my tired eyes or simply to pep up my outfit of the day. :)

Something I thought was really sweet was the present I got from Clemens and Conny the last time I was at their place- they wrote me a little card with GBP in it, "to buy myself a lovely dress in London". I'll definitely do that! So thanks again C&C! :) I loved that the envelope of the card said "For our creative director" - since I helped them with their wedding preparations, by designing the invitation card, the place cards and so on.. 


Basically, everybody has to decide for themselves what to take with them on a 5 day trip to another city. I personally always divide my packing steps into 3 categories to make the process easier:


So, first I start with the question of which clothes have to come with me to London. Since you should always expect lots of rain there (even though the weather forecast states that it's going to be extremely hot and sunny next week) I will pack a thin coat and long trousers just in case. The rest of my clothes will be basic shirts, skirts and blazers, as you can combine them pretty easily. Also, I'll put a nice dress in there too, but that's pretty much it. Except for underwear, pyjamas and so on. I'm pretty sure that I'll buy a lot of cute things in London, therefore I'll pack my suitcase lightly. :)

Things I definitely need are my makeup bag, make-up remover pads and washing lotion, small shampoo/conditioner bottles, Nivea Creme, toothbrush/paste and so on..
I'll spare you all the boring details,- just make sure that you don't forget to pack all your beauty things before you leave- as you probably still use most of the stuff mentioned in this column in the morning before you leave, like in my case. 

This special column might be kind of boring for some people, so I'll go through it quickly. I personally always pack either a straightening or curling iron into my suitcase, even though I haven't been using one of them lately. Whenever I'm in another country I always try to look my best (don't ask me why, it's ridiculous), so I sometimes feel this urge of styling up myself a little bit before leaving the hotelroom. Also I put all my chargers, camera batteries and stuff in there. Unaware of the fact that I still need an adapter for all my chargers in London,-(I just found out about that a few days ago),- and my old one I took to America isn't working properly anymore, I'm probably gonna buy that at a hardware store when I'm there. 

Alright. I guess, now there's not much left to do for me than to go to sleep and to look forward to my trip tomorrow. Nighty night you guys - I'll be back in a few days with lots and lots of London photos! :)


  1. I hope you have a great time! :D I love this post! Its very helpful I like to pack most of these things to :) LOvee your blog cant wait for more posts! :D
    Sofia x

  2. Hello Sofia! :)
    That's so sweet of you! Thanks very much for your love and support! London was simply amazing- you can check out the photos in the latest post! Have a nice day! :)