rooftop barbecue.


Oh, what an evening! :) Yesterday, after having spent almost 3 indescribably boring hours in the library doing some research for my bachelor thesis, I was invited to my sister and her boyfriend's place to enjoy the sunset on their rooftop while having an awesome barbecue party as well! So we sat outside on their small terrace/rooftop (I always prefer to call it a rooftop as it really looks like one) and had a glass of rosé wine and some beer. 

I just love the way they decorated their apartment as it always looks very modern, classy and chic, yet it always is combined with some rustic deco elements as well. Conny and I basically just sat there watching Clemens (the ultimate barbecue chef- as we call him around here) doing the cooking and grilling while we were going through some preparations for their wedding in 2 weeks.

As appetizers we had some lovely self-made white bread with a tomato-basil topping! It was delicious! As you can see in the first picture of this Blogpost, we then proceeded to the main course, which consisted of vegetable skewers, halloumi and potatoes! Yumm!!

When the sun finally went down, we had already finished our delicious meals. We kept sitting outside for hours, almost until midnight I believe, and listened to some music. Actually, we were trying to find songs for C&C's wedding day,- meaning.. the right "walk down the aisle" song, music for the reception and so on.. It was quite nice. :) However, Conny and I couldn't stop crying when listening to songs like "Look after you" by the Fray or "You and me" by Lifehouse. We totally adore those kind of songs! They're so beautiful! So we just sat there outside, crying, in the darkness, highly emotional,- which Clemens must have found quite entertaining as he said: "You two really ARE sisters.." and then he laughingly turned his back at us to get us some warm blankets from inside the apartment. :)
Normally, I would have slept at their place, however this time I had to get home due to my busy work day today! Well.. to be quite honest with you guys.. It really wasn't a busy day it all, it was actually quite boring and all I did was taking pictures of the art works in the museum..

Well, tomorrow I am going on a trip with my parents and I'm already really looking forward to it! :) I'll definitely post something about it (either before or after my upcoming trip to London)! And on Saturday midmorning- and that one really makes me happy-Esther and I are finally going to meet for our brunch date before she has to go to work again! :( Poor thing, she's been working almost every single day of the week! In my eyes, she really needs a break! Well, guys, that's pretty much all I can tell you about my day! I hope you enjoyed today's post and y'all have a lovely Friday! :)

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