family reunion.


Today was one of those special days in life that I personally really love and enjoy from the bottom of my heart. My sister and her husband-to-be came to visit us at our house on the countryside. Before they arrived, however, I was still at my boyfriend's place and said goodbye to him, since he was leaving for London that afternoon- (as I already mentioned, he's staying there for 2 weeks and I'll come visit him on July 22nd pretty soon). :) So after leaving his place I was able to welcome Conny and Clemens an hour later at home. We had a lot of catching up to do, since C&C are getting married in August and they'd also just come back from their trip to Greece and therefore had a lot of stories for us to hear and beautiful pictures for us to see. 

As you can see, I was totally into taking pictures of my sister's outfit and accessories that day- she'd just bought this fantastic white MJ bag that she proudly presented to us. Also, I became really fond of her babushka pendant which is so incredibly cute.. 

One thing we always do when we welcome guests in our home is to have an aperitive - like Aperol Sprizz in today's case. Mmmm, yumm! :)

We then headed outside to check out my parents' new car that they got a few days ago. I started calling it names like "Wannabe-Batmobile" or simply "Knight Rider" as I am totally overwhelmed by the many features it has to offer (that maybe most of your family's cars already have anyway) - but for us it's like.. a very big deal! 

And then came my favourite part of the day- LUNCH! We've had different variations of vegetables today, cutlet, chicken, salmon, shrimps, sausages (all of those grilled) and some lovely salads. Everything was just DELICIOUS. 

After taking a small break to relax and process the tons of food we'd just consumed, we went to the front side of our garden and Clemens presented his new found love for a mini chopper (that holds a camera on the bottom) to us. In technical terms it's called "drone", I guess because it makes the same humming noises like the actual insect. 

That thing sure is cool, as it can, for one thing, overlook a huge part of our city when it's high up in the air but can also, for another thing, show you how dirty the roof of your house actually is, for example. :)

We then went back to the other side of our garden, where our swimming pond is, and watched the videos on Clemens laptop that his "drone" had just made. 

Haha! It was actually so funny when Clemens started chasing his drone after us or when he simply let it fly so closely to our faces that we were able to see ourselves later in the video. :)

In the late afternoon we went inside to take a look at C&C's pictures they had taken in Greece while we were having a lovely roulade. 

Shortly after we'd started the slideshow, grandma joined up with us and was of course immediately offered a beverage by my mother. :)

Clemens and I then decided to take a look at my boyfriend's current flight status, as he was already approaching Heathrow Airport at that time.

We used Clemens' super cool flight track App to monitor Michael's plane. To me, modern technology is just fascinating. :)
I was very happy to read that he had landed safely and in time. 

As you may already know, Esther and I have been and still are involved in food photography projects for a publishing company in Vienna (Esther does the cooking, I do the photography-part) and our photos have already been published in 12 books so far. The one my grandma's holding up here is on of those 12 nutritional adviser books that is particularly interesting for her, so I gave it to her as a gift! :)

We then went outside again and enjoyed the rest of this lovely, sunny day. 

I tried on Clemens' Ray Ban glasses for fun (as I always do- JUST FOR FUN- since I know that I look like an idiot when I put them on) and again, my apprehension came true. I honestly don't know why, but Ray Ban's simply don't look good on me. Is it because of my square face? Or what? I don't get it. :) Well.. that's the dolor I have to live with I guess..

After everybody had emptied their glasses, grandma, Conny and Clemens headed home in the early evening. I was actually trying to make a sad face in the next picture, but I guess I look more sleepy than sorrowful.
Today really was magnificent. All family members together,- happy and healthy, sitting in the garden, enjoying the light summer breeze while laughing, drinking and eating. What more could a person like me want?  :)

I wish you guys a fantastic weekend!

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