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Hi guys! :)
First of all: I am really solly for not being able to post anything yesterday due to my busy weekend.
Second of all: Because of that, Esther and I got to talking and have decided to reduce our daily blogging activity from 7 days a week to maybe 4, since we sometimes feel that we don't have anything important or particularly interesting to share with you guys! And as we definitely prefer quality over quantity, we will only post something when we feel creative enough to do it. Don't fear, we will still put a lot of effort into this blog, just not everyday at the moment. :) If Esther doesn't feel like posting something when it's her turn, I will fill in and vice versa. 

Alrighty, now back to business. :) My belly's almost exploded after this weekend.
As I already told you I went home to the countryside this Friday and had a wonderful afternoon with my grandma. Firstly, she cooked me one of my favourite meals - "Fleischlawerl mit Püree" (hash with mashed potatoes).

For dinner we had some lovely vanilla icecream with berries and of course lots of whipped cream! :)

After lunch we've had a lot of fun talking about old memories from the time when I was still a child and my grandma's travel experiences (especially her latest trip to Ireland).

I just love my grandma's house. I love the smells there, the old furniture and the cookie jars that are standing in every corner.. In the late afternoon I went back to our house and welcomed my parents home from their trip to Italy! (Yes.. we really do seem to travel a lot). 

In the evening I still went for a nice stroll through the city and took pictures of the sunset.. 

The next day we had another wonderful lunch at a "Mostheurigen" (there are a lot of them in Austria, as I already told you) :). 

I ordered a plate of "Mostarella" which consinsts of slices of sheep milk cheese and tomatoes, topped with herbs and olive oil. It was delicious!

My mother ordered something similar as you can see ...  This "Mostheuriger" actually is well known for his sheep milk cheese sortiment! 

For dessert we all ordered a piece of sheep milk cheese covered in honey and cinnamon! And believe you me,- that was the icing on the cake. It was incredible! 

As my boyfriend is leaving for London in a view days, he still wanted to buy some travel
necessities, so we went shopping in the afternoon. The picture you can see up there shows the extremly cool Barbie doll-house (well, actually it's just a room) we bought for a friend's daughter who turns 3 tomorrow. We weren't exactly sure if a 3 year old already appreciates the existence of a Barbie doll, but we thought we'll just go for it! :) 

After our shopping marathon we got ourselves some delicious ice cream.

While sitting on a park bench and enjoying our treats we spontaniously decided to go see a movie and to have some dinner before that. So we went to one of our favourite greek restaurants in town. 
I ordered a Souflaki plate with rice, potatoes and tzaziki and it was heaven. Just heaven! 

After that we drove to the cinema and had a lovely evening watching "Despicable me 2". I honestly didn't want to watch that movie at all, since I wasn't exactly a great fan of the first one. I do however enjoy the main character, Gru, so I decided,.. why not give it a try..! And it really was worth it! :)
So.. all in all it was a long, exciting weekend full of delicious meals. Now if you'll excuse me,... I'll have to lie down and stroke my belly.  
Happy sunday everyone! :)

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