let's call it a day.


Good evening everybody! Today was an exhausting day for me. I've had an extremely long workday at the museum (10am-9:30pm) and I am dead beat.. I'm telling ya'. There was so much going on, so many people running around.. and from 7-9pm there was this big opening of the new Simon Denny exhibition,- admission free! Whenever my colleagues and I hear the words "admission free" we always try to find ways not to go to work that day, however I wasn't aware of the fact that the opening was today,- on Thursday! At events like this one I am usually in charge of the entrance area, making sure that everyone gets the right information about the exhibitions and sticks to the house rules. And by "sticking to house rules" I particularly mean checking bags that are too big at the cloakroom. Of course, many people (and by that I mean snooty rich ladies with Prada bags- which sometimes have the size of an elephant's ear-) are unwilling to check their bags. I understand that's it's annoying, I understand that it's pure impertinence (in their eyes) but it's my job. And I've got to do my job, right? So after telling the 167th lady that she has to check her bag I was already immune to the their yelling, their insults and their anger. I always wondered.. why can't those people just share themselves and me some time, check their bag in less than 10 seconds at the lockers, come back and enter the exhibition problemfree, when instead, they always try to pick a fight (which I won't get involved in), embarrass themselves in front of other people (and often their own husbands) and eventually lose 13 minutes of their precious time instead of 1, "just because". You know, "just as a matter of principle". I swear, if I hear that sentence one more time, I will snatch off their bags and throw them out of the enctrance door. Seriously. I know that other museums in Vienna will let you keep big bags, but we DO NOT. Please, fancy Prada/LV/MK/Burberry do me the favour and accept that!!

Alright, now I'm done with the allegations. Let's just comment on the good things that happened to me that week. :)
First of all, in my last break from work I sat outside in the "Museumsquartier"-  a large area in the 7th district of Vienna, which houses three of the best museums in town.. One of them is the museum I work in. :) The black and white picture up their shows my view from the steps outside the museum. 

At noon I sat outside and had a lovely chicken salad and bought myself the newest issue of Instyle magazine. 

And I had some grapes as well ...

The day before I had my last exam at 10am and I've arrived quite early, so I figured, why not sit outside on a park bench in the big university yard for half an hour.. To my very surprise I discovered that there were some really cool blue sun loungers standing everywhere in the yard. 

So I remained there 'till I eventually had to go to the auditorium. :)

Tomorrow I'll be going home early, I'll take the train from Vienna back to the countryside at around 8am, I guess. 

Tomorrow I'm having lunch at my grandma's house and I'm already really excited. I love her food, even though it's always a little too greasy, but that's honestly WHY I enjoy it so much! :D We're probably gonna play cards as well and talk about her trip to Dublin last week! Which reminds me- I haven't shared my surprise food package with you yet - that my grandma dropped off at our house on Monday when I was still having the learning bug.- 

One of the many other things in there were - Shortbread Fingers!! I've actually never eaten them before so I was quite thrilled when I got them. First I thought that they were cheesesticks, but after careful reading I was convinced that they were not. :)

One thing I found really cute was this Post-it stuck to my dinner which said "Soll dir zum Nachtmahl dienen. Bussi" - which basically means "This should serve you as a supper. Kisses". I think it's so cute because first of all I love my grandma's handwriting and second of all I love the way she wrights. In a very old yet classy way. :)

Later that day I just sat outside in our garden watched the sunset.. 

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